Monday, September 27, 2010

T-6 Days and Packing

Not much to report.  Went to camp today and didn't run much of anything, but did lots of arm weights and abs.  Hopefully just enough to make me sore for a couple days and then feeling good by the time we fly out of Dallas.  The weather was crazy cold here this morning -- mid-50s!  It was good practice for the race.  Reassured me I've made the right clothing choices not to be overdressed, but made me glad I'm bringing a pair of gloves to pitch as I warm up, since I think my hands might be cold for a few miles. 

My big project yesterday (after 10 miles and brunch with the group) was packing for the trip (which meant not reading for book club last night (but I hated the 100 pages I did read)). 

I got it all into my suitcase basically.  Still have a couple more gifts for nieces and nephews for Xmas that aren't wrapped or pictured, those will have to go in my "purse."  And I have to pack some more reading material and a pair of dressier shoes.  Plus make-up bag stuff. 

I packed 3 outfits for Friday (one to run in the a.m., one to wear during the day (mostly expo, etc.), one to wear out for dinner), one outfit for Sat (casual shoes and dressier shoes if I need them for dinner), race morning stuff, and an outfit to wear home Sun night. 

For the race, I packed what I plan to wear (shorts and short-sleeves), plus an alternative top (long-sleeved) and 2 throw-away shirts (one short sleeved, one long sleeved).  I'm kind of assuming I'll wear the race shirt home on Sunday, so the shirt I packed for the flight home might go into a gear check bag to wear after the race, and hubby will have the shirt I don't wear to pitch in the a.m., in case I find him before I get my gear check bag.  I also packed flip flops for my gear check bag. 

On the list to do still is to pick up a few blank race bibs in case I decide to pin my name on my shirt.  I need to bake bread and buy wine to bring for my cousin since we're staying at her house one night.  The morning we leave we are going to the grocery store to buy grapes to snack on during the trip (I'll have to wash and bag those), and then we're going to stop at Eatzi's, which is hard to describe to people who don't know it.  It's kind of like a very small upscale grocery store that sells mostly produce, imported snacks and prepared foods.  But they are on my very short list of best sandwiches in the country.  You build your own and I always build a monster, which will be perfect for a plane ride since I'm always hungry at airports it seems.  And I have to make a trip to the post-ofc to mail my bestie's bday gift.  Plus tons to wrap up at work, a 2 hour volunteer shift, and about 1,000 other things...

Getting very excited but still very nervous and 100% not confident. 

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