Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My calf muscles felt slightly less sore this morning, so I decided to go meet the group for my scheduled run.  Fortunately, no pain while running and I did some good stretching when I finished.  I ended up running the last 3 miles solo b/c everyone else had at least 8 on the schedule, so I u-turned alone.  I was surprised with a slight negative split, but I think that's mostly b/c I was a lot quicker at the water stop when I was solo. 

I'm struggling to find other things to write about right now.  I put up my motivational post-it notes yesterday.  One on my computer monitor and one on our bathroom mirror on my side.  I read recently that you should phrase them as faits accomplis, so I did that kind of.  I took my 5k goal that I accomplished a couple days ago and wrote that ("I run a sub-X 5k") and then I did similar phrasing for the marathon, saying I already do/did/can do what I plan to do next weekend.  The very sad part is I wrote the one for my computer and phrased the second part "I'm qualified to run Boston."  I decided that was kind of vague b/c being qualified doesn't necessarily mean you've posted a qualifying time.  So I decided the one for my mirror I would write with the exact finish time.  I wrote out the first post-it note and flubbed the word "sub" on my marathon goal.  I tried again and made the same mistake.  Finally on the third try I managed to write out the words as if I'd actually done it.  The fact that I had so much trouble writing a simple sentence means I'm really having a hard time mentally accepting that I can do this (or that I type too much and hand-write too little). 

I also officially started my marathon packing pile.  I put in it a book that I want to give Adam the day before the race and our confirmation sheets that came in teh mail yesterday.  So it's a small pile, but it's officially a pile.  I'm starting to get very nervous and excited when I think about next weekend, but it still seems very far away, so I'm not really thinking about it a lot.  Adam said he dreamt about it on Sunday night, dreamed of posting a dismal finish time and that he'd completely ignored the fact that he was running a race and was just kind of poking along.  I said, well, at least you're dreaming about the race, that means you recognize it's coming, for me it's barely on my radar these days.  I seriously need to devote some major mental time to thinking about the race -- in terms of what to wear, but more in terms of splits and how I'll feel holding the pace, and envisioning a successful finish.  I am so full of doubt right now and I need to put a lid on that soon! 

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