Thursday, September 16, 2010

Annoying Top Gun Quote about the Need for Speed

Well, my marathon training has officially peaked and the downward slope began after this morning's run!  I had 5 repeats of 1000 meters at 10k pace with 200 recovery.  I gave myself a 10 second window for the repeats.  First repeat was in the second half of the window, but in the window.  Repeats 2, 3 and 4 were all in the front half of the window, also in the window.  And then repeat 5 was outside the window by 2 seconds, but it was faster than the window, my fastest one of all, so that's the way I like to have it.  Total spread for all 5 was only 8 seconds.  And if you don't count the first repeat, they were all within 5 seconds.  I'm quite pleased with that!  It didn't feel easy, but the temp was in the 70s and I could tell it was a couple degrees cooler than last week, even though the humidity was still sky-high.  I never felt like I was struggling more than I should on speedwork. 

This is going to be my last tough week.  Here's how my training broke out (and for the record, I did my July 4 long run one day early, but that skews the numbers, so I counted it instead like I'd done it on July 4 (otherwise one week looks artificially high and one week looks artificially low)):  12.1 (scheduling issue, couldn't run), 31.5, 31.7, 34.2, 39.6, 30.2, 36.2, 38.8, 31.3, 40.1, 34.8, 43.5, 39.1, 43.2, 44.3, 40.2, and this week will be at least 45.7 (assuming I skip camp tomorrow and do the 5k on Saturday). 

I have logged miles (sometimes very short, but at least something) at least 5 days a week for 16 weeks (since I had issues the first week).  I have not missed a single long run (nor have I had to cut one short), and I haven't missed a single weekday group run except the first week (and I even ran with a few friends the one day the group run was cancelled for lightning). 

Can you tell I'm trying to do some mental marathon preparation?  I want to reinforce how strong my training has been so I don't psyche myself out and become convinced I can't push hard on race day.

My mileage breakout in groups:
0-30.0 miles per week:  1 week (first week)
30.0-34.9 miles per week:  6 weeks
35.0-39.9 miles per week: 4 weeks
40.0-44.9 miles per week:  5 weeks
45.0 or more miles per week:  1 week (this week I hope!)

Or, as I used to look at it, 1 week under 30, 10 weeks in the 30s, 6 weeks in the 40s. 

Next week will be about 31, the following week will be about 23.  Then race day!  Holy cow!!  I need to focus more on how prepared I am, how it will feel to hold race pace for 26.2 miles, the fact that I can hold the pace, and how happy I'll be when (trying to say when, not if) I qualify.

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