Saturday, September 25, 2010

T-8 Days and Taper Laziness

Maybe I don't have a compulsive need to exercise, in which case I'm down to only two of the symptoms of overtraining. 

I had an awesome run planned for this morning.  After months of searching, I found a route that we'd run that had an elevation change of 140 feet over 2 miles (but we'd run it downhill, not up, it was a loop day).  At MTCM, there is a climb of about 160 feet over just over 2 miles, and initially I wasn't nervous about it at all, but Adam has freaked me out a little.  He's mentioned it a bunch of times.  Hill repeats were on about 90 feet climbing over about .25 miles, so I tried to imagine going up it twice in a row.  Doesn't seem too bad, but Adam's point (which is correct) is more that 160 feet on a hill repeat morning, or at mile 3 of a marathon even, is very different from 160 feet at mile 21ish of a marathon. 

Either way, as part of my mental efforts, I was thinking it would be a good idea to run that hill here.  Then on race day, I'll know exactly what it's like.  I'll be able to tell myself I just did this climb and it's not that bad, that I can handle it with ease and then enjoy the downhill finish.

The plan today was to sleep a little late (6:30, part of my taper extra ZZZs plan), then meet Mike at 7:30 to run up the hill for 2 miles, and then I told him I didn't care what we did -- run, jog, walk or crawl back to our cars.  Preferably walk at least 1 mile of it.  Right before I left work, he emailed and said "rain or shine, I assume?"  I said let's talk around 7 if it's questionable. 

I woke up to rain, thunder and lightning.  I waited a little while and the thunder and lightning seemed to ease up, but the rain was still steady.  So I called him and he said maybe we could delay an hour.  And I said ... or ... we could just bag the run today and do it on Wed?  He liked that idea, so I'm back in bed at 7:30 in the morning!  Sooo nice.  And now there's no temptation to go to camp on Wed. or run too far. 

Another reason this is so perfect was that I got a comment on my blog yesterday (!!) from Seattle Runner Girl (!!!, I've read her blog for more than a year) who suggested I work on my mental marathon prep first thing in the morning.  I figured I already have to get up at 4:30ish one day a week, 4:50ish three days a week, and 5:00 three days a week.  Earlier than that sounds like torture.  I feel like we already go to bed earlier than most 8 year olds, but being fairly newly married makes that much easier. 

I thought I could adapt her suggestion and spend some time really thinking about my training, race day, goals, etc. immediately after I run each day.  I usually come home, make breakfast, and eat while watching the news.  But news isn't really needed, they repeat the stuff every hour anyway.  So I thought I could maybe stretch, eat and really think about it then.  But with no run this morning and a day when I really shouldn't work out at all (unless I run 2-3 miles per the schedule), there's plenty of time to do some marathon thinking right now! 

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