Sunday, September 26, 2010


Smooth sailing for the last weekend group run this morning.  10 miles, out and back to the lake.  Then a few of us with races next weekend went out for breakfast, including our 2 coaches.  I was completely shocked to realize that I've run more marathons than everyone else at the table combined!  There were 2 people doing Wineglass (one first timer, one who's done 2), 2 doing St. George (one coach who's done 1, one guy who's done 2), and then me and the other coach doing MTCM (other coach has done 2).  So basically, with 5 runners at the table other than me, they've done 7 marathons.  A week and a few hours from now, it should be a total of 12.  A week and a few hours from now, I'll be at 11 or 12 -- I need to count b/c I'm not actually sure what number this will be for me. 

Forecast is looking good.  A few days ago (first day of the 10 day), it was 48 low, 63 high, 10% chance of rain and mostly sunny.  As of today, race day forecast is 45 low, 60 high, 0% chance of rain and sunny.  That sounds completely ideal to me except for the sunny part.  But I'll wear my visor and hope the sun isn't too brutal.

I tried my outfit today with no Body Glide anywhere just to see if I'll have any hot spots to watch on race day (and it seems like there will just be one minor place, though I'll wear glide in all the usual culprits).  During the race, I don't think there will be any question about where I live.  Even though I hate them b/c they have a big side slit and show a lot of thigh, I'm going to wear my Texas flag shorts, and my white short-sleeved shirt that has a little Texas shape with the flag on the front.  It's been a fun outfit for out-of-state marathons. 

Gosh, it's 10:03 a.m. here right now, which should mean that one week from now my husband will be done with his 10 mile race and I should be more than halfway done!  Going to do some more focusing on success right now, picturing the finish, imagining how I'll feel at my 5 mile splits...  Woo-hoo! 

Lots of packing on the agenda today.  I have my trusty marathon pack list, but also need all the usual clothes and stuff, plus tons of Xmas presents to wrap and bring along to cut the bulk when we go for Xmas. 

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