Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One more day, one more day...

I'm feeling beat down right now but when I logged my miles in my paper running log this morning, I realized there's really only one more day!  Tomorrow is a tough speed session and then it should be easy, peasy.  Cake walk for the remaining two weeks til race day. 

Saturday 5k but not racing.  Still hoping maybe for an age group award.  I didn't race last year but did place, but last year they moved away from their normal awards so I got whatever crappy thing it was.  This year they're back to the cool awards, so it would be nice to win one.  But this course is long (by about a tenth of a mile or more) and there's a crappy hill you go up at the end (you go down it at the beginning though).  And of course now that they're back to the cool awards, there might be more competition, so I probably won't get one. 

Sunday is 15 with some race pace.  Next Tuesday is only 6 easy.  CRAZY!  We're back at the track next Thurs., but it's not a very long workout. 

I went to a couple years of elementary school in the suburbs of the Twin Cities and have reconnected with a few people there via facebook.  I guess I need to post something soon telling everyone when I'll be there and seeing about setting up some coffee dates or lunches or something. 

I might have officially lost one more pound.  I'm snacking on carrot sticks right now and hoping to be eating clean for the next couple weeks, though I'm guessing few things really change in my diet.  Last night I went out with a bang though, thinking I really do need to cut out sweets and other garbage.  We eat dessert every night almost, but it's a healthy-ish dessert (Greek yogurt with fruit, granola, honey, sometimes white chocolate chips on mine) (but of course I don't eat this Sat nights, no dairy in the 12 hours before a long run except maybe the tiniest bit of cheese over my pasta).  Well, we have a houseguest with us and it's almost comical b/c we're all kind of blue in a way.  Hubby and I have this family health thing hanging over us, and the possible financial implications.  She has some relationship drama, plus her own family health issue and some work issues. 

Well, yesterday I was emailing with our mutual friend Elizabeth to see if she wanted to meet us for ice cream, maybe bringing along her daughter who is 3.5.  Elizabeth is still out of town for work though, so she said we should see if her husband wanted to go and bring the kids.  Turns out my godson (her son) has a fever, so her husband said they couldn't go.  He didn't think it was a good idea for the 3.5 year old daughter to walk the 2 miles to the ice cream store (even though it's a straight shot, I suppose he's a responsible parent with this decision).  He said he could put her carseat in my car and we could take her, or we could come to their house and take their car with her. 

We decided to go to the ice cream shop and get ice cream to bring with us to their house.  It's this place where you choose your cookie flavor and your ice cream flavor and then they make sandwiches for you.  I got vanilla sugar cookies with some kind of blackberry swirl vanilla ice cream.  Soooo good.  And her kids are completely adorable.  I could tell my godson wasn't feeling well, but he dug into the ice cream with as much gusto (but more mess) as I did.  Man, it was good stuff!  The kids were running around, singing and being silly.  It was a fun night. 

I guess my last binge of bad eating will be this weekend.  I'm going to Oktoberfest Sat night, which will mean a few beers, but hopefully not too many, given the 5:30 run of 15 miles...  Sunday our running group is having a bake sale to support a running program with a homeless shelter (and New Balance is matching the proceeds!), so I'm baking Joy's caramel brownies for that and will doubtless keep a few for myself, plus buy a few other tasty baked treats.

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