Friday, September 3, 2010

One Month to Go!

Full steam ahead!  One month from now I should be approaching the halfway point at MTCM! 

As far as good omens go, I got a big sign this morning.  We had to do the PT test at boot camp and for the first time in probably a year or so (didn't check my records yet, but definitely over 6 months), I scored 300.  My push-up form still needs some work, but I managed to get about 3 more than I needed and then I quit, even though I probably had 30 more seconds.  I completely rocked the sit-ups, getting about 20 more than necessary and going the full 2 minutes.  But the run was where I was happiest.  I ran the first mile pushing fairly hard but not crazy.  Got my one mile split and knew I could relax and add a full 60+ seconds on to my second mile time and still hit the max.  So I passed one guy who was also dialing it back (we were on a slight uphill and I just wanted it to be done).  Then I hit the south end of our loop and passed 2 more guys, then I just held steady but felt good.  By the time I had about 600-800 meters to go, I checked my watch and figured I was safe, but I could hear someone fairly close behind me.  I figured it was one of those guys, so I didn't look back but kept going.  I finally hit the last quarter mile or so and the person sounded closer.  Some of the guys at camp seem to struggle during the longer runs (longer at camp is about 2 miles) but somehow they come up with all kinds of energy over the last 400 meters and will sometimes blow past me like I'm standing still, which sometimes is a real blow to my confidence.  I was bracing for it, but I figured if I kept my effort steady on the uphill, even if my pace slowed a bit, I'd still be okay with my time.  Well, I kept chugging and hit the finish line with a negative split by about 15 seconds!  I turned around to watch the person finish and it was Joy!  I wish I'd looked back earlier b/c it would have been fun to run it in with her.  I think it was the fastest 2 mile camp time for either of us ever.  And we both turned 35 in the last 10 days, so woot!!!  Here's to getting stronger!  I know you're not supposed to look at running as a competition against yourself (that whole inevitable slowdown with age would otherwise make you stop all together), but wow, I love getting any kind of PR, especially this year when I can't seem to PR to save my life. 

It was a completely awesome run.  The temps have dropped a bit and it was low 70s this morning with very low humidity and a bit of a breeze.  I swear, it almost felt cold!  Of course, since I can find the downside to anything, one of my first thoughts was I wish it had been a certified 5k this morning.  I think I would have had a PR in the bag, and might have even been able to make a serious run at Adam's PR.  Oh well.  It makes me think maybe I should throw in a 5k sometime in the next couple weeks.  If the weather was right and I felt good, maybe it could happen!  Of course beating Adam's current PR wouldn't mean too much since I'm sure he could easily beat it himself, but it would be nice to reclaim the title for the record books before MTCM. 

After the 2 miles I waited for hubby to finish.  He wasn't pushing hard but wanted a negative split, which he got.  We relaxed a bit and then I decided to walk toward home and meet up with our neighbor, who was walking toward me.  I had thought about running, but didn't want to do too much today given the race tomorrow and the 18 on Sunday.  So I got on the trail and started walking, messing with my ipod, trying to decide what to listen to.  I got passed by a couple people running or jogging and then settled on something to listen to and started to pay a bit of attention to my surroundings. 

I was walking behind the people who had passed me and I realized one of them was one of the guys I'd passed early in the second mile (at the south end of the loop).  I don't know his name, but he's been coming to camp for quite a while.  I knew it was him b/c he wears a bandana, which is pretty distinctive.  I decided to run and catch up to him, being the miles whore that I am.  I got him within a couple minutes and asked how far he was going and if he wanted company.  He was planning to do 7 round-trip and said he'd love the company. 

So we jogged and chatted, very easy pace -- crazy easy, but it felt good.  He's training for his first half, White Rock in December.  He should have no problem doing it.  He said he lives near the lake and runs a loop there pretty regularly (about 9 miles) in 1:40.  I didn't ask if he had a time goal, since I figured he didn't for his first.  One of the most interesting things was that he's from Dallas and has actually never been north of St. Louis.  Wow!  It was fun to talk to someone new and after about 1.6, I saw my neighbor and parted ways with the guy as she u-turned and we walked home together.  We're having them over for dinner tomorrow night, which will be fun. 

What a lovely morning though.  One month to go, and I just PRed at 2 uncertified miles.  Wooooooo!!! 

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