Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hermine's Mercy

Crazy weather here.  Torrential rain yesterday, tons of flooding, and then tornados yesterday afternoon.  It didn't seem that bad really, nothing like tornado weather that I remember from my childhood.  I remember the greenish tinge to the sky very well but that never happened here yesterday, but tornados were present nonetheless. 

I heard the sirens go off while I was at work, maybe about 5:30ish, and I actually thought they were testing them and I thought that was completely idiotic, that they should never test them during even mildly inclement weather.  Talked to hubby and he was at the grocery store.  He'd called to say he ran into one of my running friends, Nicole, there and to ask some grocery question.  Then he called back and said he and Nicole and everyone else had been herded to the back of the store.  The touchdown in the city was on the same street as the grocery store, but that's not saying too much b/c it's a really long street! 

I decided to drive home when I heard the sirens, mostly b/c yesterday had been a really long and bad day already I was dying to get home and hang out with hubby for a while.  With all this stress lately, I'm so glad we're doing Sittember, sitting down for dinner every night like NewlyWedNewlyVeg.  My husband has kind of noticed we're doing it.  The first night, he said something like, oh, we're eating at the table tonight.  And the next night he asked if we were going to finish watching Notorious after dinner (which we still haven't finished watching!).  But he hasn't mentioned it since, but we also had company one night and did eat in front of the tv one night for the one weekly allowance for trash tv.  But last night we really needed the chance to talk.  It seems to make everything better.  Even if nothing has really changed, we have some ideas on how to handle things and I feel a lot calmer (and I hope he does too). 

And then my state of mind was further improved when I woke up to no rain this morning!  But wow, the humidity was insane and it's not looking good for my 22 miles on Sunday (current forecast is a low on Sunday morning of 77!!!!!).  Anyway, we ran 2 easy to the track, then the guys had 4 repeats of 1 mile at 15k pace, and I had 5.  I averaged out where I needed to be, but the repeats were kind of ugly.  First one was at the same pace as last week's last one -- which I now know to be way too fast.  I tried to give myself a goal pace, and the first was about 25 seconds too fast.  Repeats 2, 3 and 4 were all less than 10 seconds apart and all slightly faster than goal, but one by only two seconds and the others by less than 10.  But then the guys left b/c they were done with their 4 and the track was clearing out.  I ran my last one and it felt like a train wreck.  I ended up 11 seconds too slow, which isn't really the end of the world, but was disappointing.  That meant my total spread was 36 seconds, which is way too broad, but I could live with it if my last and first repeat times had been reversed.  Oh well.  At least I got the miles in and most were on track. 

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