Friday, January 24, 2014

Speaking of Tears...

Ugh.  Writing this post makes me feel sick to my stomach.  Maybe writing will help?

My husband was travelling for work last week and got home on Friday.  That night when we were getting ready for bed, he realized that he had left his shaving kit in the hotel.

First thought, no big deal, all stuff easily and inexpensively replaced, just some toiletries.

Second thought, oh no, big deal, two prescription inhalers in the bag and getting refills will be difficult since they were recently filled. 

So he called the hotel to see if they had it.  He was told to call back in the morning.  Okay, will do. 

Then came the third thought:  in a pocket of the shaving kit was a ring he'd bought on vacation in Alaska (not very expensive), a watch I gave him for Christmas a couple years ago (expensive, but between $500 and $750 as I remember, but totally replaceable), and ... a bracelet that his family in Italy gave him as a wedding gift (likely expensive and 100% irreplaceable). 

Ugh.  I feel sick. 

Well, Saturday morning, he called the hotel again.  They had it!  And they agreed to UPS it back to us overnight.  He didn't ask about the jewelry since he thought it was unlikely they'd have noticed or taken it since it was in a side pocket.

Monday comes and goes with no package outside, but I convince him it's not a big deal because I didn't think it had been shipped on Saturday.

Tuesday night, we look again, no package. 

Wednesday night, we look again, no package but a $75 charge on his card from a UPS store in North Carolina.  It has clearly shipped. 

Thursday morning, we look again, no package.

Today, UPS nearby so he asks -- he's told about a train derailment that has held up some packages.  But after a couple hours of worrying, he makes a phone call to the UPS store in North Carolina.  Yes, it had been shipped on Monday.  Yes, it had been delivered on Tuesday, left on our porch at 11:32 a.m.

Ugh.  I have lived in this house for more than a decade.  I've had tons of packages delivered, left on the doorstep, and never stolen.

Even last week Tuesday (Jan. 14), I had a box from the USPS delivered and it was too big for the mailbox so left on our doorstep.  It was something I'd ordered and didn't know when it would arrive so I didn't find it outside our front door until I walked out on Thursday morning (we usually use the garage).  So this $hitty little $10 memory card case sat outside in a box for nearly 48 hours untouched.  But his shaving kit with his wedding bracelet sat outside for less than 7 hours on a Tuesday and was stolen.

Why????  This sucks.  I feel so bad for him.  He's completely blaming himself for forgetting the bag, and then for not having the package sent to work (where someone is there to sign 24 hours a day). 

It makes me want to cry.  People suck sometimes.  Next time we're in Lamezia, we will have to go to Caputo Gioelleria and see if we can find something similar.  I tried looking online already (no website for the jewelry store, of course, it's in Lamezia which is a low-tech area of Italy, but on Amazon and on various jewelry websites).  Nada.  Ugh.  I'm sad for him. 


  1. That is horrible. I'm so sorry. I know firsthand how terrible it is to lose something irreplaceable. :(

  2. Maybe since it was overnighted it wasn't your normal driver & he/she tucked it somewhere out of sight? Can they contact the driver and ask where it was put? Don't give up just yet!

  3. :( Total bummer!! Sorry that happened. :(