Friday, January 31, 2014

#Reverb13, Day 31: At the end

Throughout the month of December (not), I’ll be participating in #reverb13: Reverb is a way to reflect on the past year and project into the next year with a prompt a day for 31 days.

Day 31 – At the end:
What’s next for you?

I think I'm going to like 2014.  I expect the most exciting part of the year will be our big vacation.  I am insanely excited about the idea of seeing the Taj Mahal.  I don't think we'll nail down our exact plan in terms of flights and countries until April or May, but I am certain it will be an interesting and memorable adventure.  For me, the ideal plan will be to go straight to India, then go to Nepal, then spend a few days in the Maldives, then end the trip with a couple days in Dubai.  India is the only certain stop on the plan, so the rest is subject to change, but it all sounds so fascinating. 

I'm also going home more in 2014, which was something I wished I'd done more of in 2013.  Right now, the plan is to go for the Fourth of July for sure, and then likely also for Mother's Day weekend and the first weekend in October.  Plus, this year they're coming to visit me!  My folks weren't  here at all in 2013 due to a combination of them choosing to visit my brother who moved to San Fran in 2012 and my grandpa having a stroke.  We've also got a trip on the books in June already to see hubby's parents for a family wedding, and it wouldn't surprise me if we add in another trip to see them. 

I feel like I'm not running well right now, but a down cycle is a down cycle.  My goal is going to be to take it for what it is and have fun.  Even if 2014 isn't the year of the PR for me, I think I have some fun races planned.  I've done two so far this year, and I expect I'll be around my average of about 16-20 races for the year.  I'm most excited about going back to the Bataan Memorial Death March (but only doing the half and not wearing a military weight pack this year!) and my fall marathon (wherever that may be, likely Milwaukee).  And locally, I'll enjoy my standard favorites -- the St. Pat's and Thanksgiving races, and probably the mid-summer "too hot to handle" race.  The big question for me will be whether I skip San Antonio this year, as the date is being moved to December (when weekends are quite precious). 


  1. Oh Oh Oh!!!! Awesome. I'm planning a trip to Nepal in 2015, so if you go there, I will certainly be hitting you up with lots of questions! India... is on my future list too... but I think it's going to have to wait awhile.

    Have you said what marathon you are running next? Did I miss that?

    1. Current money is on Milwaukee in early October, but not entirely sure. Also considering Quad Cities and Wineglass. There are only 2 weekends that will work for BQ and our vacation plans, and not tons of good (and new to me) options on either one.

  2. They’re moving RNRSA to December this year? Hmmm…I plan and hope to be able to afford the trip to Vegas to do the full at RNRLV, but if SA is being moved to December, I might just do the half for that again!