Monday, January 13, 2014

FMM: Taboo Topics

The good news as this week begins -- I feel like I'm finally starting to get back in shape.  The scale isn't reflecting that progress, but I can feel some endurance and speed coming back.  And the marathon is now in less than a week, so while this would have been ideal a month ago, better late than never.  I ran a very easy 10k on Saturday, and then did my last long run of 12 miles on Sunday -- and I actually felt good on Sunday.  I was about 90 seconds slower than the theoretical race pace (I say theoretical because I'm not even going to shoot for a PR), so 90 seconds slower is fine and that should feel very easy, but bottom line is that last weekend 2-2.5 minutes slower than theoretical race pace felt insanely hard and unsustainable.  But this will confirm that there has been some progress.  Huzzah! 

The bad news as this week begins -- it's going to be a tough week at work.  I'll have to post about that later.  And the pain on top of my foot is still present at times.  I had it looked at by a sports doctor over the weekend and he said he thinks there's no chance it's a stress fracture or some kind of tendonitis, but he thinks it might be a synovial cyst (no pictures in the link, don't worry) -- benign, but painful.  Assuming that's what it is, he said options would be to have it drained, to have it surgically removed, or to attempt to wait it out.  I'm not even going to start the procedure to figure out if that's what it is for sure until after the marathon.  I'm still hoping that taking some time off will resolve it, or that I can wear some kind of pad on top of my foot to take the pressure off and therefore eliminate the pain.  Since it's on the top of my foot, it only hurts when I have a shoe across the top of it.  Maybe I'll learn to run in heels! 


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Taboo Topics
1. Are you a registered voter?  Yes.

2. Do you believe in GOD?  Yes.  But I'm not really into church right now. 

3. How has your readership changed since you first began blogging?  Not sure, it has grown but I think still primarily consists of writers of blogs I like to read.  I don't pay much attention aside from seeing who commented. 

4. If you could choose between a serious relationship or $100,000, which would you choose?  Assuming the serious relationship is with my husband, I'd choose that.  But if the serious relationship were with someone else, meaning an affair, then score!, I'd take the $100,000 and not have an affair! 

5. Have you ever changed political parties?  No.  My political beliefs have stayed basically the same from when I was earning minimum wage at Arby's in high school to when I was pulling in over $300k per year in big law.  And now I'm somewhere in between in terms of economincs and my political beliefs are still basically the same.  I think my opinion on some issues (particulary China and its role in the world) has changed with time, experience and travel, but for the most part, it's same old me!  Law school definitely impacted my ability to see (and argue) both sides however.  I'm infinitely less partisan than I was in college. 

6. If you were put in a position in which you had to be in a room with someone that you can’t stand, how would you handle the situation? How big is the room, what else is in there and how long are we in there?  I'm trying hard to think of an individual who I can't stand so I can come up with a good answer, but I can't really think of anyone.  Ex-boyfriend?  I could make small talk and attempt to remember fun times.  Actually, the more I think about it, the more that's my answer for anyone.  If I can't just talk to other people in the room and avoid the person I can't stand, I would go with making small talk and attempting to find some common ground (oh, you hate hard-boiled eggs?  me too!!!  isn't that weird texture of the yellow part disgusting?). 

7. Do you ever eat in secret because you don’t want anyone to see what you consume?  Every weekday!  I eat lunch at my desk alone and usually keep working (but sometimes read blogs).  And I hate the idea of anyone in the office walking by and seeing me shoving something in my mouth, so I eat with my door shut.  But it's not about what I'm consuming that bothers me.  I pretty much feel like I don't mind eating anything in front of anyone, assuming they're eating too I guess.  Like I'd be fine with going out for lunch with my entire office and eating in front of them.  And I don't mind if I'm eating alone in front of my family, but pretty much the rest of the time, I don't like to be the only one eating, so I'd much rather eat in secret.  I also had to eat in secret over Christmas because my family is trying not to eat in front of my grandpa.  That's something about the feeding tube that has been hard for him -- he can smell the food and see it and misses eating it.  So we all try not to eat in front of him.  I had to microwave and go to the family room to eat.  Can I add to my answer that I wish my husband would eat in secret?  He loves canned tuna and the smell seriously turns my stomach sometimes.  I wish he'd secretly eat it before he comes home and brush his teeth and throw the can directly in the dumpster. 

8. Do you use curse words in your daily conversations?  Yes, when it strikes me as appropriate.  I texted with my husband this morning and it went like this:
Me:  $hit.  Did you call Hailey [my niece] yesterday?
Him:  Negative.
Me:  Double $hit.  I didn't either.  Hastag bad aunt and uncle.  Hashtag $hitty godmother.
Him:  #funny wife.
Yeah, the "sh word" is usually my curse of choice.  But obviously, particularly living in bible-ish Texas, I don't curse all the time.  I'm okay with cursing in front of my boss, husband and friends, including running buddies, where bad language seems to fly frequently.  But I don't curse in front of my mother (only rarely and always preceded by a big pause for emphasis), or kids if possible.  I once spun out in snow and landed in a ditch with my two little brothers in the car and I yelled "damn it!" and they both gasped and said, "it's okay, we won't tell."  So yeah, very much an anti-cursing household...

9. How much do you tip when you’ve had decent service at a restaurant?  I think I usually tip about 20% almost all the time. 

10. How do you respond when someone confronts you? I guess it depends on the situation.  I'm probably pretty defensive assuming it's someone I know.  If it's a stranger in a parking lot, I'd probably flee! 

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions. Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments. Happy Monday!


  1. Hi, stopping by from FMM.
    Sorry to hear you are having foot pain, I've had a lot of foot problems lately too. Hope it is sorted soon
    Loved your answers on the taboo topics

  2. Your comment about eating alone made me laugh - I'm exactly the same way in that I hate being the only one in a room that is eating, for some reason. I also kind of like the idea of a little alone time during the day, so eating with your door closed browsing blogs sounds kind of nice! Crossing my fingers for minimal pain during the marathon and a quick recovery afterwards!

  3. Hi Carina! Yeah, I think your answer to #4 was better. And OMG, #7! So funny. I won't let my husband eat baked beans at home when I'm around. It makes me so sick to smell. He only gets to eat them when I go on vacation and he has enough time to air out the kitchen properly. :) FMM Love from Laurie

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your foot pain!
    I love your answer to #8!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. YES, the texture of the yolk in hard-boiled eggs is totally disgusting! LOL