Wednesday, August 8, 2012


One of the questions in yesterday's post that I answered was about whether I have or would have pets.  I mentioned that I don't, the easy answer for why is because of my allergies.  If I didn't have allergies, I still don't think I'd want one -- we're just not home enough, we travel too much, the smell/responsibility issue, etc.

But like I said, my husband LOVES animals.  He had gotten divorced before and I think he missed the animals way more than he missed his ex.  He had a dog when we first met (that he'd gotten to keep in the divorce) and his dog died before we started dating and I remember how sad he was.  He now says he'd never want to go through that again, but I'm not so sure. 

He seriously seems to love all animals, except possibly birds.  He is always petting dogs and cats he encounters.  And when we're at a friend's house with pets, he spends tons of time petting it. 

Well, I thought it was funny to get these texts and photos from hubby last night while I was at yoga:

We have a house guest:

He sold me some car insurance:

Can't believe he picked him up and delivered him outside.  I'm not big on touching bugs or reptiles.  But I do love that my husband hates killing animals (though he does eat some meat (basically poultry and fish, rarely something beyond that)).  One of the sweet things about him is that he loves shooting, but he won't go hunting with the guys in my family, simply because he'd hate hurting or killing an animal.  But he'll shoot at targets all day long...  He just loves animals, all kinds.  It's a sweet trait of his personality.

Even if we got a lizard or ghecko as a pet, I think he'd enjoy it -- but again, I'm just not into the responsibility.  And he doesn't want a reptile enough that he'd beg for it the way I'm sure he would beg for a cat or dog if I didn't have any allergies...


  1. Ewwww is all I have to say about your little guest from yesterday.

    Since you guys can't/don't really want pets, maybe your husband could volunteer at a local organization that works with pets. In my area they have so many, one in particular that I'm thinking of is one where volunteers walk dogs for the elderly. That way, he can get his doggie "fix," without having the obligation.

    1. That's a cool idea about volunteering. I was pretty creeped out too and very glad I wasn't home when our guest was in the house!