Friday, August 10, 2012


If I move to Jamaica, will I be a faster runner? 

How insanely incredible is Usain Bolt? 

How awesome was that 200 meter final?

I must note though that I hate how television coverage seems to be largely ignoring the marathon, especially since I think of the men's marathon as kind of the premier event of the Olympics.  I'm very excited to watch it Sunday morning.  I hope it's not too warm for them.  I hope Meb gets to the podium.  Actually, I hope all the Americans do well, but most of all, I just want an amazing race by everyone. 

But I'm just too awed by Bolt to really focus on much else.  I think I watched the 100 and 200 about 40 times each.  Wow. 

I mean, I seriously think about it and I can't fathom someone really running that fast.  From above, it doesn't look that crazy fast, but when they actually show a track-level view, it blows my mind.  Seriously.


  1. I can think of a worse place to live. Jamaica is so beautiful.

    Usain Bolt is amazing, and I really don't think I can comprehend the human body going that fast. He's something.

  2. I am in sheer awe of Bolt's talent. I was disappointed to read that there will be increased drug testing particularly amongst the Jamaican track athletes. I sincerely hope they are all negative. I am really excited about the men's marathon tomorrow. I have really enjoyed watching the track and field events; so much inspiration. I was so touched by Oscar Pristorius' story and his show of true sportsmanship.