Sunday, August 26, 2012

HTC second run

Wrote a long post but it got deleted. Frustration of no cell phone signal. Somehow beat my time by a big 8 seconds total over the 5 miles. Crazy! But my "easy" leg felt so hard. My legs were heavy.

In terms of road kill, I was passed by three people (again, no women), including a guy who passed me mere seconds before the exchange, and I passed eight people, including a double amputee. Crazy impressive. Makes me think about my spring marathon where lots of wounded warrior amputees were out there competing.

Lots of traffic, which has been frustrating. We were supposed to have several hours off after my first leg. The plan was to go to three hotel rooms for the seven of us (we have a driver, a runner's spouse). Check in, shower, sleep a couple hours.

But a building along the route caught on fire so there was a detour for vans and the runners. One of the guys in van one had to detour. Instead of 7.2 miles, he had 8.8. Ugh. And instead of hours of rest, we had less than 2.5 hours in the hotel. Probably less than 1.5.

So we were quite beat for our second legs and it showed in our times.

But we had fun. Lots of jokes about the cowbell, making animal noises, I don't even remember.

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