Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Flip flops and aging

Short post today.  Given my parking ticket and very late arrival at work yesterday, I am going to try to hurry along a bit this morning.  Especially since I've been trying to leave (and succeeding) the office around 6 or 6:05 to get to yoga at night.  Well, same plan today, did boot camp, now I'm getting ready to work all day, then yoga tonight, then packing for Hood to Coast.  I'm very alarmed that I'm not yet packed.  For a regular trip, it wouldn't freak me out at all, I could pack quickly, but for a relay, I'm very worried I'll forget something really important.  I guess as long as I have my running shoes (which incidentally, I am very worried about forgetting because I need to wear them tomorrow morning to run, then add them to my suitcase), shorts, a sports bra, my phone, and a driver's license, I can buy anything else that I'd need.  I'm sure I'll have the basics, it would just be nice to have packed carefully so I don't overpack since there is limited space in the van. 

Anyway, my random observation. 

One way I notice that I'm getting old is how I walk when I leave yoga. 

I wear flip flops to and from yoga.  When I leave, I noticed that I hold the hand rail to walk down the stairs.  Kind of like an old woman. 

Flip flops + stairs + not being 20 anymore + loving activity and being very afraid of breaking a leg = me using a hand railing

Even though I know those hand railings are disgusting. 

It's just funny.  15 or so years ago, maybe even 5 or so years ago, I'd never touch something so dirty just to walk down the stairs.  Now, I hold it like I mean business.  Seriously afraid of wiping out. 

Random.  I'm getting older.

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  1. I do the same thing. I figure I'd rather slather on a bit of hand sanitizer later to keep from rolling down the stairs.