Thursday, August 30, 2012


Finally, Labor Day weekend 2012.  My best friend works for the Univ. of AL and when their football schedule came out a couple years ago, she saw that Labor Day weekend 2012, there is a game in Dallas.  She and her husband used to live here, back in the good old days, so years ago, she promised they were coming to visit this weekend.

And now it's finally here!  Our house isn't exactly clean, but hubby is off work today and he has instructions to mop the kitchen floor, clean the kitchen counters and sink, clean two bathrooms, and put away laundry from the dryer and the "laundry storage station" in our bedroom.  In the last 15 or so hours, I've vacuumed all three floors and around where the ceilings meet the walls, washed the glass on our doors, washed all the other glass and mirrors, cleaned one bathroom, washed the sheets and made the guest bed, put away my laundry and put away my clutter. 

Their morning flight from Charlottesville had some maintenance issues, so they missed their connection, but fortunately there are lots of flights into Dallas, so they'll just be here a few hours late. 

The best part of their visit will actually be the fact that their 5 year old twins aren't coming with them!  Woo-hoo!  It will give us more time to spend together.  While her kids always seem pretty good, it would be a lot to have them in our house, and it would certainly make trips to restaurants and bars considerably less fun.

So we have an awesome meal schedule, hitting all their former favorite restaurants.  Out tonight for sushi.  Tomorrow is food trucks for lunch and a steakhouse for dinner (think I'll be going with a baked potato and veggie sides).  Saturday morning is breakfast with a bunch of my running buddies at a fun patio place with a big bloody mary bar (though I don't drink those).  Then lunch will be at my favorite taco place lately.  Then they're going to the game in the afternoon and we'll hit up a bar district (possibly the one within walking distance of our house) after the game.  Sunday morning we don't have any plans other than sleeping in.  Lunch will be at a Mexican place, followed by gelato, and then a wine bar, and then dinner at a pizza place (the same place I usually pick for my birthday dinner, just delayed a few days this year).  Monday we don't really have anything planned other than yoga and boot camp (not sure if they'll join me for camp or not), but there are about 6 more restaurants on her list, so I'm sure it will be lots of eating.  Then unfortunately they leave on Tuesday around lunch time. 

So much for my attempts to reduce my eating out!  Haha.

I really can't wait for her to get here!  Back to work so I can hopefuly scoot out a little early today. 


  1. Have a great weekend! I know what you mean about having friends and their kids visit. We don't usually have anyone who can watch our son for a long weekend away so getaways are planned with him in mind. We almost always stay at a hotel so we don't impose on our friends. It's tough especially if we are visiting friends who have no children.

    Happy Belated Birthday!! Mine was the day after yours.

    I read your recap of the HTC and loved it. Sounds like so much fun.

    1. I didn't really mean to say her kids would be imposing, it's just that I have so much more fun with her without them. They just take so much attention! I'm sure your comfort level varies, depending probably on who you're visiting, but I can honestly say, if she had brought her kids with her, I'd still rather have her stay here than in a hotel. It's just so nice to get to share the down time too. Hope you have a great long weekend!

  2. I'm so behind in my reading that I'm just catching this now.
    I'm so glad you had an amazing weekend with your friend. Oh, and happy belated birthday!