Monday, August 27, 2012

FMM: Tech Questions

I had one of the best weekends of the year.  Hood to Coast is an amazing race.  And even though I only ran about 16-18 miles, when I woke up yesterday morning, I felt almost as sore as after a marathon!  I will definitely have to do some more posts about it, sharing what the relay exchanges were like, and the many crazy van decorations. 

It was kind of weird to wake up this morning -- I slept more than 6 hours, there was running water when I went to the restroom, my husband was there, and none of my van mates were there!  But thanks to facebook, I'm feeling tons of love -- lots of race congrats, and today, lots of birthday wishes.  I'm so excited and content about where my life is right now.  I feel like the last month of yoga has made me feel calmer, and there's nothing like an awesome weekend of running to make me feel happy and confident!  Plus, the rest of my life just seems so ... solid.  Things are so good with my husband, my best friend comes to visit on Thursday, work is great (I'm finally getting my head above water again), and there is so much great stuff on the horizon -- particularly the big trip to China in October.  All I can say is that it's all good!

Since it's Monday and I need more time to get my Hood to Coast final thoughts together, I'm going with a Friend-Making Monday topic again.  But it's not a topic on which I'll have much to add, being completely not tech-savvy.  Oh well!

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Tech Questions

1. PC or Mac?  PC. 

2. When did you get your first computer?  I bought a very heavy laptop in 1997 to use in law school.  My college roommate had a computer that she let me use for the years before that (and we had one at home from the time I was about 14?). 

3. Do you use cable, DSL or something else?  Ummm, I'm not entirely sure.  I don't even know who provides our internet.  For TV, we have two dishes (you have to have a second one here to get Italian stations).  The internet I think is through AT&T, but it's wireless.  Sorry, I truly have no idea how to answer this question!  Yikes! 

4. When choosing a laptop, do you think it’s more important to choose the fastest one, or the lightest one?  I'd go with the fastest one, just because a few pounds difference doesn't matter to me -- unless you're talking about the weight of running shoes, where I do a careful consideration of the tradeoffs between ounces and structure! 

5. What kind of cell phone do you own? Do you like it? I have an iPhone and I love it.  I am not wild about the service since there seems to be a dead spot on a major interstate in Dallas (which makes no sense to me!) and basically there was no service for about 100 miles of our relay this weekend (but we were all in the same boat, not much coverage by any provider in western Oregon).  But overall, it's good. 

6. How do you carry your laptop when you travel?  I have a Vera Bradley bag that has sufficient padding to carry my laptop, but there's not much space in the bag to cram in too much else -- basically my purse, a make-up bag, a book, and maybe an inch of documents.  This past weekend, I actually carried my laptop in a backpack, not ideal, but it worked.  I was able to leave my laptop in someone's hotel room during the relay, so I didn't have to have it in the van (which was good, because my suitcase got really wet when one of our coolers broke). 

7. How many e-mails do you send on an average day? I haven't counted but I'd guess I'm at about 100 work-related, and maybe a dozen or so personal. 

8. Do you ever blog using your iPad or similar tablet? No.  Using my phone very rarely (like for most of my posts over the last few days). 

9. What do you use more often – a desktop or a laptop?  Laptop exclusively.  I actually have a work laptop that I just plug into a docking station when I'm in the office.  Don't have access to a desktop anywhere. 

10. As a blogger, are there other gadgets that you need to get the job done? If so, what are they?  Not really, I guess my camera and iphone camera, but that's about it. 

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions on your blog! Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments! Happy Monday, friends!


  1. Don't feel bad about not knowing what type of internet you have; I was in doubt as well and actually cheated by calling my husband and asking him, LOL.

  2. It's interesting to me how different careers vary in the number of emails one gets. It makes sense that as a lawyer, you'd be in constant communication with clients, colleagues, opposing counsel, etc.

    1. Yeah, lawyers like things in writing. Even if it's something that is discussed and resolved on the phone, I religiously send an email to confirm and document... Leads to lots and lots of email every day.