Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Yasso update

No time to say much today.  Irritated as hell with my secretary right now, seriously want to scream.  But I have managed two commutes on foot so far this week, so I felt the need to document it.  I ran home last night, and ran back to work today.

Once again, I stopped at the track along the way to attempt to bust out a few Yasso 800s.  When I drafted my Houston marathon training schedule a few weeks ago, I ambitiously decided I'd do 6 the first week, and that meant 7 this week.

As I reported, I only did 2 last week.

I'm happy to say that I did 4 this week.  That's still obviously not good for a marthon in about 6 weeks, but at least it's progress.

I was right on target for the first one, 3 seconds fast for the second, 2 seconds slow for the third, and right on for the last one.  Of course they felt like death again, though the first one was perhaps a tiny bit easier.  And it was a major battle to talk myself into doing the 4th one.  The blog actually helped I think.

Not that anyone really gives a $hit, but I kept thinking it would be lame to say I only did 3, so I was aiming for 3.5.  And as with last week, I was on pace at 3.5, so I decided to try to push to finish the last lap, but I kept mentally saying, maybe I can report I did 3.6, then 3.75, then 3.85...  Ugh!

I realized that at least how it works out for me is that Yasso pace is very close to 5k pace.  So to be ready to run this marathon, I should be able to do 5 miles (10 Yassos) at 5k pace.  Of course the recovery intervals in between each repeat are key, but wow, I have a long way to go. 

I'm really not feeling great about this upcoming marathon.  If I couldn't hit my goal in Berlin (a world record course on a day with perfect weather) coming off a full summer training season where I busted my butt, how on earth am I hoping to half-@ss train for a couple months and then magically think I can get the goal in Houston? 

Argh!  I know, all I can do is give it my best.  And maybe those summer training months will pay off yet, they're just temporarily buried under 10 extra pounds and an @ssload of laziness...

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  1. 800s suck. But stick with it. I always try to remember that it's the EFFORT that day that counts more than the actual time you were hoping for.