Friday, December 6, 2013

A Winter Running Revelation

So, um, this isn't rocket science, but it's never come to me quite so clearly as it did yesterday.  While our temperatures have fluctuated a lot lately, there have definitely been some very cold mornings.  And it's definitely colder here in Philly, where I'm working right now (and where I'm worried I am going to be stuck for days if there is an ice storm in Dallas today and tomorrow...).

It all boils down to this for me:

In the winter, it's much harder to get out there and run, but when I do, it's usually glorious.

In the summer, it's a piece of cake to get out there and run, but when I do, it frequently sucks every bit of energy (and occasionally a majority of my will to live) out of me. 

I suppose having that balance is something good about Dallas and why it really is conducive to year-round running (at least very, very early in the summer mornings).  If it were hard to get out there because it was so cold and there was no urgency to do a run first thing in the morning to avoid searing temperatures, and then the run sucked your energy and your will to live, you'd never do it.

I suppose of course if it was easy to make a plan to go out early in minimal clothing and then it felt glorious and chilly when you did, and it was like that all year, then you found a true running nirvana.

I just need to remind myself constantly when it seems to cold to get out there and run that it will feel GOOD when I do it, not like in the summer. 

But why is it just so hard to get out of bed, where it's dark, warm, and more sleep is always so inviting?  For some reason having this looming marathon isn't motivating me like it should.  And to make matters worse, I have virtually no accountability here in Philly.  While there are TWO awesome groups I join for runs here, obviously I'm usually in Dallas so they're not counting on me to show up. 

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