Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gauge of How Busy I Am

I have noticed there is an eerily accurate predictor of how busy I feel when I am at work.  The microwave on our floor is about 20 steps from my desk chair (out of my office, across the hall, into and through the file room).  I counted. 

If I am microwaving something for 85 seconds and I am very very busy, I feel compelled to go back to my office and work until it beeps.  On days I'm not so busy, I wait near the microwave, sometimes for up to 3 minutes (anything longer than 3 minutes though, I've noticed, even if it's not a busy day, I'll go back to my office). 

Lately, since we're paring down our food inventory at home in preparation for our trip to China -- you know tomorrow!!!! -- I've been eating these frozen lean cuisine snacks that we keep in the freezer just for days we're out of fresh food.  Usually when we have real groceries, I make two wraps in the morning of spinach and blue cheese crumbles folded into a tortilla that I eat at work, usually one around 9:30 and the other around noon (I tend to eat lunch around 1:30).  But now, given our lack of groceries, I'm eating these LC frozen things -- spinach artichoke dip with pita, garden vegetable dip with pita, or broccoli cheese dip with pita.  For the record, the broccoli cheese one is infinitely more delicious than the others. 

Each one of those snacks, you microwave the dip for 85 seconds, and then the pita for 25 seconds. 

And today, I walked back to my desk to get an extra 60 seconds of work done while waiting for the dip to heat up.

And I actually considered walking back to work for 15 seconds while I waited for the pita bread to heat up.

Yes, I feel like I'm so busy an extra 15 seconds of work would help. 

I suppose it's ironic that I'm giving myself 10 minutes to write this blog -- but I'm actually now waiting for my secretary to bring me a ton of files to dive into. 

I am very ready to be on vacation!  This is crazy! 

I really have no idea how I will get everything done that needs to be done between now and departure time. 

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  1. Carina, you will get everything done that you need to. If there's anything you don't get to, it will either be waiting when you get back or someone else will pick up the slack. Just breather. (Which is totally easier said than done, I know, but it's true).

    On a side note, thank you for that tip about the alphabet with my PF - my doctor hadn't mentioned that exercise/stretch, and it really made a huge difference in the pain that I felt this morning. It cut it down by 70%!! I'm going to try the cold/hot tonight. Thanks SO much!