Friday, October 5, 2012


Funny that I just posted yesterday about noticing that I seem to be getting more grey hairs.  And back over the summer, I noticed that when wearing flipflops, I walk down the stairs like an old lady.  And yes, on Monday, I posted about having made a recipe for overnight bran muffins (a recipe I got from my mom, but totally delicious, but eating bran muffins makes me sound like I'm about 80). 

Well, now I officially have two facebook friends who are deceased.  Yet another thing that makes me seem older laterly. 

One has been since last October -- my local bestie's younger sister.  I posted about that when it happened (and my subsequent musings on her husband's return to the dating world).  That FB page is now being used by her husband to tag pictures of their young daughter, who looks so much like her mom that it hurts my heart. 

But now, as of this week, I have another FB deceased page among my friends -- someone who was a friend in junior high.  Still not completely clear on how he died, but it sounds like he mixed some prescription BP meds he was taking with too much alcohol and his heart stopped while he was sleeping, he never woke up.


I guess that is what happens as you age and your circle of friends and acquaintances expands.  Hope his family is getting through the grieving process as well as they can. 

I don't feel like 37 is old enough to have friends die.  It seems like that should be reserved for when you're well over 50.  I wish it was... 

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