Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Best Drunk Story, part 3

Part 1 posted two days ago, and part 2 was yesterday, part of my series of pre-written posts while hubby and I are hopefully enjoying the wonders of China not on a tour... 

We left off with my arriving in Poznan, Poland, waiting to meet up with my brother.  We were supposed to meet at track 4 of the train station again, and this time we had two separate meeting times, but no back-up meeting place, because neither of us had ever been there so we had no idea what church or other landmark might be a good meeting spot.

Fortunately, my train arrived in Poznan and I was happy to see that the train station was like pretty much every other train station in the entire world, except apparently Munich, with track numbers beginning at 1 and going up from there.  So I found a seat on a bench at track 4 and I waited. 

The first meeting time came and went. 

I was irritated.  I decided to leave the train station and go find a hotel, assuming his no-show meant that he had decided to go to Amsterdam instead. 

It was a long trek to the hotel, so I got there and checked in, and it was already time to head back to the train station for our second meeting time. 

Unfortunately, I hadn't paid close attention to how long it took me to get to the hotel, so the walk back to the train station (though I tried to jog some of it (I was NOT in good shape at the time)) ended up getting me there about 15 minutes after the appointed meeting time.

No brother. 

Shoot.  I was banking on the idea that he'd decided to go to Amsterdam with his friends and not meet me in Poznan.  So I left the train station to find an internet cafe.  I figured I'd send him an email expressing my irritation, and I could check my work emails, and probably find a phone to call my mom and at least let her know the status.  She again was our designated information repository.  When I spoke to her, she had no update from him, but I left her the name and phone number of my hotel in case he called to get it. 

All that took some time. 

Then I leisurely walked back to the hotel and was quite surprised to find there was a message waiting for me when I picked up my room key.  The note said that my brother had called, told me where he was staying, and said to meet him at a bar near his hotel at a time that was only about 15 minutes away when I got the message. 

So I hurried up to my room to get dressed and head back out, in search of some sailor bar in Poznan. 

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  1. I hope you are having an incredible trip through China. I am enjoying your multi-part story particularly the travel aspects. I've never traveled in Europe, but I suspect I would enjoy Poland very much.