Thursday, October 25, 2012

Texas State Fair

A picture-heavy post I'd been meaning to share since Sept. 29, the day hubby and I went to the Fair.  In the rain.

But the fair is the fair.  When it's a lovely day, there are all kinds of things to enjoy.  When it's a rainy day, food becomes the real standout. 

A few photos of what I enjoyed...

Setting this to post while I'm in China on vacation.  Bet that trip is going to lead to some VERY interesting food recap posts!! 

Nachos, with special Texas-shaped chips.  Do all states do this?  I don't think I've ever had nachos at the Wisconsin state fair, the only other state's that I attend somewhat frequently.

Alligator.  I didn't eat this, but hubby did.  He said it was delicious, likely due in large part to the sauce:

A butter sculpture.  Not really something I ate, but food-related (and see below for the butter I did eat):

My all-time favorite food at the Texas State Fair, the fried butter, garlic flavor.  To me, it tastes like the best piece of buttery toast you can imagine. Sooooo glad the fair is only once a year!

Another view of the Texas nachos, in front of a stranger who let me push them away from me to photograph on my crappy phone...

My baked potato.  I ate almost the whole thing and it was very good.

My first food of the day, non-Texas shaped nachos, just beans, cheese and jalapenos:

Very, very glad the fair is only once a year, and that I had 20 miles of running on the schedule for the day after we went! 

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