Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Winter of my Discontent

What is the exact definition of the term "mid-life crisis"?

Reconsidering all your choices?

General dissatisfaction with your world?

Wanting a fast(er) car way outside your budget?

Well, if this is the winter of my discontent, at least it won't be a snowy, cold winter:

Maybe national running day will pull me out of my funk?  I ran this morning, which is you know, a given for most people who run, but to celebrate the holiday, tonight I'm doing a massive "inter-faith" national running day event.  By inter-faith I mean a bunch of largest running groups in Dallas are joining forces for the event and it will be huge -- over 400 people to be sure, possibly well over 500.  The biggest running programs here are basically competitors with each other, so it's particularly awesome I think that they're all doing a joint event.  Kind of like an inter-faith coalition of running. 


  1. Love the sound of the run and looked like a great time, hope you had a blast!

    As for mid-life crisis ... who knows, other than you're too young for that :) Though it is good to recognize the funk, maybe a rut or just something else gnawing at you.

    For me, maybe it was my decision three years ago to not just run for weight control and maintenance but to fully embrace the healthiest possible lifestyle ... radical I know - but maybe better than a convertible and chasing after girls the same age as my kids like the cliches in movies :)

  2. Oh that sounds amazing! I really need to find a running group. I hope it lifted your spirits.