Thursday, June 4, 2015

In Another's Home

One fun thing about staying in someone else's house is seeing what strikes you as odd or unique or noteworthy.  I meant to post this a few weeks ago, but here are the things I noticed at my friend in DC's house.

First, TWO blenders.  Both functional.  Because sometimes you need two? 

And TWO remotes.  Not unsual of course, but when you're staying with someone and she goes to work and you're home alone, enough of a mystery to require photos and texts to figure out how to operate it all. 

But most notable was the books.  Hopefully you can zoom in on these photos.  100% fitness, diet, exercise, and/or self-help books.

More cookbooks:

More cookbooks: 
More cookbooks:

And yeah, more cookbooks, since 5,525 other titles isn't sufficient: 
Haha, but for this friend, it makes perfect sense.  She's super-healthy, she cooks a ton, and she's great at it.  She's a friend from law school, but it wouldn't surprise me if she ended up as a dietician or nutrition coach or something similar one day. 
I wonder what people would find notable about our home.  I should have photographed my best friend's house in Charlottesville.  Thousands of shot glasses in her collection! 


  1. People would probably say about our house: what a freakin' mess!!!

    1. Lol, I didn't do this post about my brother's place in San Fran because it would have been "that's a lot of stuff for such a little baby!!!"

  2. Love it! I definitely think that walking into anyone's house makes for an easy study of priorities and tastes. We have a massive kitchen, but only a few dozen cookbooks and a recipe box and binder. We have plenty of casual hang-out space, but a separate side for formal stuff. Oh - and electronics ... always plenty of electronics :) And my running shoes by the front door ;)

  3. Wow! I hate "stuff." I want to be one of those minimalist people. I've come to realize that if it has been sitting in the basement for a few years I definitely don't need it. We live in a small home and I can't stand clutter so I try to keep things to a minimum. Yard sale next weekend!!