Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Airport Luck

I don't spend much time in NYC.  I went there (theRe, I should say, keyboard fixed!) for a week long vacation once in college before I studied abroad and got to do things like go up the Statue of Liberty.  And in college, we did day trips every year in December to go Christmas shopping.  And I was in New York for just over a week the year I ran the NYC marathon, but the weekend before the race was spent upstate at a wedding and I worked when I was in the city, so not really much NYC tourist time, or much NYC airport time.  I may have also passed through when one of my brothers was playing ball for a minor league team upstate (Go Tri-City Valleycats!).  Anyway, that's a sum of my NY experience. 

In the last five years, I don't think I've been there at all until recently.

As much as Laguardia sucks as an airport, it might be my new favorite solely because of this: 

Hopefully those pictures are clear enough.  This was in the USAirways terminal I think. 
First, there was a salad bar.  A legit, delicious salad bar.  With beets!!!  That should give you some idea of the selection.  And it all looked fresh and good.  That to me is the perfect travel food.  Next time I'm there, I'm totally making a salad on my way out of the airport, so I get to double up! 
Next, there was this grocery-store style wall.  Sushi, yogurts, juices, some prepared foods, and all seemed fairly normally priced and looked like things I'd gladly eat.
I wish more airports had stuff like this.  Philly has a salad place right near my usual gate, but it's one where they build the salad for you.  I like it when I get to load it up in exactly the proportions I want.  And I love having all these other choices.
Makes me wish I went through Laguardia on all trips.  Anyway, lots of work travel fun lately.


  1. And here we are in NOLA with like, two coffee stands and a hot dog cart.

  2. Ohhhh...good airport food is always a treat! I love NYC but the last times I visited I took the Megabus instead of flying.

  3. That is a dream! Hartford's highlights are McDonald's, a "gourmet" coffee/bakery and Dunkin' Donuts.

  4. Awesome! My only LaGuardia experience was coming home from an interview in NC in December '07, where the experience was ... not great in terms of dealing with the people. They cancelled the flight that was my connection ... just because, and seemed rather unconcerned about my status (it was midnight). I managed to get irate enough that they eventually covered getting me flown to Maine and covering a taxi to get me to Manchester NH (where I flew from). Ugh ...

    My recent airport experiences have been pretty generic ... the downside of having a corporate jet to use between Corning facilities is that you never see a real airport. When I do it is layover in Detroit and then into my destination. Yay.