Monday, June 29, 2015

Jet Set Bunch

It's funny to be watching the news and to hear about the economic crisis in Greece, to hear banks are closed for 6 days, and to immediately go to FB to get the straight scoop because you know that you have THREE SEPARATE friends there on vacation right now.

Kind of cool!  Two law school friends are there (one is in Mykonos, not sure where the other is), as well as one colleague. 

It was weird to feel so international.

In the interest of full disclosure, if this economic crisis had happened in January, or February, or April, or May, I would have known exactly zero people in Greece on vacation off the top of my head (one went in March).  But three there now.

Wonder if the level of suck they are experiencing is low, medium or high.  I would guess low in Greece.  So many places there take credit cards.  Unlike Italy.  Separate post, but we've actually been requested to send a wire transfer to put a deposit on a B&B.  WTF?  A wire transfer?  Anyway, in places like China or India where you use more cash and less credit, no ATM would be a huge pain.  In Greece, assuming you weren't planning to hit the ATM in the next day or two, going 6 days without cash might not be the end of the world.  Still, looking forward to getting first-hand accounts.  Definitely a cool thing about worldly friends. 


  1. We have close friends from Greece whose families are still there, so we get the scoop from them! We're visiting tomorrow, so I will get updates then. The couple moved to the US about 5 years ago, and the funny thing is that one sibling to Germany - so we get all perspectives from them!

    1. I hope their families are okay. It's one thing for American tourists to have limited access to cash for a couple weeks -- it's a whole different story for people who live there who will really suffer devastating effects from this, though I imagine credit markets will arise by necessity.