Thursday, September 19, 2013

Weather Watcher

One of my other big marathon taper traditions is obsessive weather watching.

In 2008, 10 days before the Chicago Marathon, the predicted high for the day was mid-40s.  We were guessing it would be in the 30s at the start.  And of course 10 days later, it was low 70s at the start and got into the low 90s that day. Disaster.  Cancelled marathon.  All that stuff.  

So needless to say, I don't put too much faith in any advance weather forecast unless it's for Dallas in August or Duluth in January.  

But I still can't help but obsessively check the Berlin forecast daily lately.  

Especially since I have to pack this weekend for our trip and we now leave in less than a week officially!

Checking the weather is basically pointless.  Not only because there's no real expectation of accuracy more than a couple days in advance.  But because it doesn't matter too much.  I know what I'm wearing.  Shorty shorts (not briefs or anything crazy, just shorter shorts than I usually wear), and a tank top.  I may add arm warmers, gloves, a visor, and/or an earband based on the exact forecast, but it will be stuff (except the visor) that I would consider ditching if it warmed up.  But the real reason it probably doesn't matter is that I'm going for my goal time no matter what.  I mean, if it's in the 80s or higher, I'm sure I'll fail.  But even in Chicago 2008 (my first sub-4 attempt I think), even in that blasted heat, I ran the plan as long as I could (that day, only about 8 miles).  Assuming we have starting temps in Berlin under 70, I will definitely attempt to run the plan as long as possible.  

So given that the weather really is irrelevant except to get my hopes up, I have no idea why I keep checking.  

Anyway, this is what I'm seeing (you have to look at highs and lows since I have taken the pics at different times):

Of all of those, I think I like the ones from Sept 14, 15, and 16 the most.  Basically, given the ranges I'm seeing, I want the lowest low and the lowest high.  Ideal for me would be 45 at the start, and 55 for a high....
Anyway, a few other weather shots of note:

Lamezia Terme, where my husband's family lives in Italy and we will be visiting:

Fun current Dallas weather facts.  Average high for first half of September was 97, when it should have been 90 (hot either way, I know, but more hot sucks more):

But we have relief on the horizon, or so they say.  I'll believe it when I see it...:

Hard to even imagine how cold that 59 is going to feel if it really happens...


  1. Looks like the predicted temps are staying relatively consistent, so hopefully you will have a comfortable marathon!

    After the Dallas Marathon last year, I've learned not to torture myself over the weather! Holy humidity!! I saw it coming the entire week leading up to the race and I panicked. I'm hoping that Chicago will be cool, but I know they've had 2 90-degree years (you were there for one of them), so at the very least, I can say training in Dallas has prepared me and (on the upside ?) I don't REALLY have a goal time in mind.

  2. Sigh, I hope it remains prefect for you! Even though I shouldn't I always check the weather but rain or shine the run must go on right?!

    Best of luck and I cant wait to hear about your adventures.


  3. this is silly, but do you have your iphone default language set to italian? that's so cool!