Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Instead of going to work today

Things I would rather do today instead of going to work:
  • Sleep.  All day long.
  • Watch inspirational running movies all day.
  • Work on blog posts to share while we're in Europe recapping our trip to China (finally).
  • Make a packing list for Europe in two weeks.  IN TWO WEEKS.  Holy $hit!
  • Plan a menu for our dinner party on Friday night of people also going to Berlin for the marathon.
  • Upload pictures from my cell phone to snapfish and delete them off my phone.
  • Clear other junk from my phone so it will finally backup to icloud.
  • Sort out our Munich hotel stuff (cancel existing reservation, prepay and book another).
  • Go through guidebooks to see what we want to see in Germany.
  • Make a trip-it with all our reservations.
  • Listen to Berlitz German CD that we have and study German.
  • Study Italian.  All day long.  I meant to study more all year, and now it's crunch time.  My husband's family speaks no English (the one in college and the one in high school can a tiny bit, but nothing useful, the rest speak Calabrese primarily, but understand Italian and will speak Italian sometimes when speaking to us).
  • Make a photo book of our trip to China for hubby's birthday in October.
  • Shop for something else for hubby's birthday.
  • Make a photo book for my mom for Christmas.
  • Write thank-you notes from my birthday (already two weeks ago, oops!).
  • Do a zoning compliance letter to a neighboring business.
  • Read the book for book club next weekend.
  • Shop for gifts to take to hubby's family (already bought one very pretty set of hand-embroidered coasters with the shape of Texas colored with its flag for one aunt and uncle, but need to buy for everyone else). 
  • Finish reading one of my marathon inspiration books. 
  • Shop for my godson's birthday, he turns 5 right after we get home and I need to have something ready to take to his party.
  • Review all my files for our audit next week.
  • Draft all the reports that are due while I'm gone and get them to my boss to review now.
Wait, those last two are things to do at work!  Yeah, guess I'd better go.  I've never taken a sick day since we've been under our new parent company (June 1, 2012), but I shouldn't start now, especially since I'm about to use all my vacation days but one...


  1. Wow, good for you for 0 sick days in the past year! When I started my first real job, I think I went a whole year without any sick days or vacation time, but at that point I was ready for a mental health day!

    It always feels like there is never enough time to get everything done, doesn't it?

  2. take me with you! I want to go to Europe! We saved all last year and were planning a two week tour of Europe...then we saw our dream house and you can guess where that $ went :)

    Im going to have to look back at your posts and read about your trip to China!

    Btw, are you on twitter?

    1. No twitter... I didn't post much about China after we got back because I planned to do fun recaps with photos and then never got them finished. But while we're in Germany and Italy, I will schedule at least the ones I finish this weekend to post! Lots of photos.

  3. I'm happy that I can finally comment from my new phone. I could come up with an equally long list of things I could do if I didn't have to work. I have been trying to do the same thing with my iPhone photos. I really like the snapfish app. I am looking forward to learning more about your China trip.