Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Packing fun

Aye, we leave around lunch time today and I'm stressed.  10 minutes of blogging won't make me any later, will it?  Actually, given the disaster that happened with security lines last time I flew, and since this is an international flight, we're going to get to the airport very early today.

The kicker is though, I'm actually working today.  I got up around 3 and started doing some stuff like reviewing invoices from the attorneys I've retained for cases we have in litigation in my assigned states, and I'm trying to clear out my electronic filing folder by sending it all to my secretary.  But either way, I should be able to get in an honest day's work, it was just with a very early start! 

I took a break at 5:15 to go to boot camp, but I really took it easy. 

As soon as I'm done working, it's going to be the last minute packing disaster...

I'm wearing yoga pants and a long sleeved shirt on the plane, along with compression sleeves on my calves, plus my black shoes that will be the shoes I wear most days on the trip.  I'm also going to be wearing TWO jackets on the plane.  Hope they don't bust me for that.  I'm wearing my Boston marathon jacket, which is pretty lightweight, and I'm also wearing my new heavy coat, which will be good for Germany since the lows will be in the 40s (God-willing!!!!). 

I'm carrying on my rolling suitcase that has all my clothes for the trip in it.

Then I'm carrying on my backpack, which has all my marathon day stuff, along with mostly gifts for family. 

Marathon day stuff, all within 10 feet of me at all times:

Shorts, sports bra, USA jersey, socks, shoes, elastic, body glide, gu, pre-race oatmeal (I did add a spoon after I took this pic), inhaler, glide, chapstick, visor, sunglasses (looks sunny out!), earband, gloves, arm sleeves, throw away long sleeves, pace band, and little pack of glide to carry to the start, and post-race recovery drink mix.  Whew! 
I spent a few hours over the weekend trying to search for US/Texas stuff to take to everyone.  We generally bring 11 gifts (the aunt and uncle that we stay with, their adult son and two of their daughters and their husbands, plus the 4 kids (3 girls in the early 20s, 1 guy in his late teens), plus one couple that we're friends with and their 2 sons (both under age 10)). 

That stuff is heavy!!!  For the adults, we got a bamboo cutting board in the shape of Texas, a Texas picture book, embroidered coasters with the Texas flag, and a national parks calendar.  For the two guys (one who's about 40, one who's about 16), we got a big Texas coffee mug and a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle (about 6 years ago, when the kid was about 10, he and I spent almost the entire duration of my visit working on a Texas puzzle I'd brought him, that he now has framed in his bedroom!).  And for the young ladies, they each get some kind of Texas shirt.  And for the kids, one gets a wooden US states puzzle, the other gets 3 little animal figurines (a longhorn cattle, an armadillo, and a raccoon). 

Family gifts:

I'm putting a little fold-up bag into my backpack and I plan to pull out my book, my eye mask, my light jacket and maybe a few other things I'll want accessible during the flight, then hopefully I can put my backpack overhead as well.  The nice thing about international flights is that there's often a lot of overhead space since most people check bags. 

The main suitcase:  7 bottoms (3 of which I was getting ready to donate and will leave behind in Europe), 7 long-sleeved tops (3 to leave behind), 3 short sleeved tops (1 to leave behind), underwear and socks, lounge clothes (2 t-shirts to pitch, one pair of pj bottoms, one nightie), 2 running shorts, 1 running capris, 1 long sleeved running shirt, 2 short sleeved running shirts, 3 running socks (plus of course marathon clothes), and one infinity scarf that will hopefully match most outfits.  Plus all the other stuff -- camera, granola bars, belt, phrase book, shoes/flipflops, sunglasses, wallet, etc. 

The toiletries, packing in progress.  Top left is medical stuff -- bandaids, blister bandaids, bengay, biofreeze, vitamins, Pepto, Tylenol, Z-pack of antibiotics.  Bottom left is makeup and perfume (not taking much!).  Middle is regular daily stuff -- I remembered an emery board which is critical for me while traveling.  I feel like I snag my nails all the time.  Bottom right is liquids.  Top right is stuff for on the plane -- meds, toothbrush, earplugs, etc. 

And one last look at the forecast.  Temps look great, just wish it would be overcast...


  1. I love how you pack. I am the same way especially for big overseas trips. The gifts are so thoughtful. Great idea to bring clothing you are getting ready to donate. I will use that tip in the near future to make the return suitcase much lighter.

    Have a fabulous time! Safe travels. Good luck on Sunday!!

  2. Wow, you are so organized with all of you neat piles! Safe travels tomorrow!!

  3. I love that USA top!

    Kill it, girl!