Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tapering predictions

If you want to read ahead on my blog, I can go ahead and make some predictions.  Based on the last dozen marathons or so, I expect the next few posts will likely go something like this:
  • Feeling good, wishing I could run more!
  • Easy miles are so nice!
  • OMG, my calf hurts!
  • I wonder if they could amputate today and I'd be healed enough to run Sept. 29.
  • I know I always feel pains during taper time, but this is real, I'm injured!
  • Taking a couple days off
  • Oh, false alarm, it was just a typical taper niggle.
  • Why am I weighing in 3 pounds higher than I should?
  • Whew, last long run done
  • Recapping training miles
  • Could I be coming down with a cold?
  • Mental game-face issues
  • Packing headaches
  • All I want to do is sleep
  • I'm flying to Europe today!

Haha.  I'm just sure something is seriously going to hurt somewhere on my legs in the next 1.5ish weeks.  And I'll be CERTAIN it's an injury, and not just a phantom pain.  But (knock on wood), it's always been just taper phantom pains (and I seriously have had very strong taper phantom pains with almost every marathon).  And then I'm going to worry that I haven't gotten to racing weight, and that I'm not all packed yet and I really should be.  I expect I'll also think I'm getting sick, and fret that I haven't been visualizing success. 

Just so you know! 


  1. I've had phantom pain before a marathon too! Hope it goes away and you aren't getting sick, but if you are getting sick, better to get sick now and be over the worst of it by your marathon!

  2. Dude, I get phantom leg pains before a race. I thought I was just crazy! Looks like im in good company!

  3. I had such a great training for Montreal that I was certain something was going to happen during my taper. I also had a sudden weight gain despite really tightening up my diet, hormones I suspect. One of my coworkers had a cold last week so I was drinking Emergen-C, taking vitamins and drinking lots of water with lemon. I actually don't like the taper phase of training. It's more nerve wracking than actual training. I hope you are feeling healthy and injury free!