Monday, September 23, 2013

FMM: To Follow?

I was thinking today would be my last FMM for a few weeks, since we leave for Germany in just two more days!  Eeeeeeee!!!!  But there's no topic up yet, so maybe I'll supplement this later today if we get a topic. 

My weekend was so good but not really too exciting. 

I ran one of my favorite 5ks on Saturday morning.  No PR of course, but only about 30 seconds off of a PR, so that was nice!  The part that really made me happy was winning my age group, which means a decent little award at this race, though it wasn't as nice as it's been the last few years.  But the real best part was that my 30 seconds off a PR time including stopping to kiss my husband along the course (though he said it was more like a sweaty head bump than a kiss).  And hubby was so proud of me -- he loves it more than I do I think when I get an age group award.  My name was in the paper on Sunday so he had highlighted it and posted it on FB.  That made me feel good. 

I did some stuff around the house on Saturday, getting organized, and then I volunteered for a few hours in the afternoon.  The good news is that I think I am going to be able to have posts about China almost every day while we're in Europe.  One of my favorite things about my blog is that I can go back and see what I was doing or thinking at a particular time in my life in the last few years.  And generally, many of my favorite experiences are on vacation, so I really want to make a point of including the trip on the blog. 

Sunday was my last long run -- only 12 miles with half of it at marathon pace.  Then the day Sunday was 100% packing.  I'd say I'm 90% done and I have a good list of what else needs to be added before we leave.  This is the first time I've packed with compression bags and it seems to really make a difference -- I have pretty much everything in the rolling suitcase (carry-on) and backpack, there is about one brown lunch bag size amount of stuff that needs to be added in, as well as toiletries -- ugh.  It's going to be quite a struggle on Tuesday night when I try to finish up.  And I really wish I could fly with fruit but that's not allowed on international flights...  Book club Sunday night, which was fun.  I hadn't read the book, but I'm taking it with me on vacation. 

Unfortunately, I definitely think I'm getting sick.  I feel wheezy and it hurts to swallow.  Hopefully if I'm getting sick, it will just happen today or tomorrow and be gone by Friday or so.  I don't know.  I'm also going to try to make sure I get a good amount of sleep this week. 


  1. Oh no! Feel better!! Maybe it is the change in weather!

    Awesome job on your race :D Glad it went really well and you had fun!

    Rest up!

  2. Emergen-C!!! Airborne!! Vitamin C!! Homeopathics!! Whatever it takes to not get sick. That happened to me the day before leaving for Disney for the marathon. I had worked an ungodly number of days in a row and then lo and behold the night before our flight I had a horrible sore throat. I drank and drank, took vitamin C like it was my job, guzzled herbal tea and sucked on lozenges until the big day. I felt absolutely fine on race day. I will be sending positive vibes your way.

    Congratulations on your race and winning an award. I think that is so exciting. I love how supportive your husband about your running. It means the world to me that my husband and son come out to support me at races and also give me the time to train without making me feel guilty.

    Feel better.