Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weather and Running

I'm starting to freak out a little about how quickly our trip is coming.  I feel like for so many weeks, I was counting down until this past weekend, my last very long run, the longest of my season at 22 miles.  And then there are always weeks of taper.

But surprise, we leave on a Wednesday (the marathon is on a Sunday), and now that Wednesday is only two weeks and one day away!  Holy cow.

I know it's too early to start looking at the weather, but what a contrast between my daily training conditions and the current weather in Berlin. 

Check this out and compare: 

Hmm, one of those looks much more pleasant than the other!  But the good news is that it looks like we finally have some relief in sight, just in time for my last full week of tapering in Dallas. 


  1. With all of your hard-core training in the middle of the summer in Dallas, you will rock your marathon! Hopefully with the drastic change in temperature, your goal pace will seem like a breeze!

  2. OMG. 91 is relief? Yowza.

    Also, I can't believe it's already this close to your race. Seems like yesterday you were just talking about starting to train. And I'm jealous... the elite field there is going to be ridiculous!