Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Delayed post, but I have to memorialize my day last week Friday, 6-14-13, as superwoman.

There was an awesome quote on American Dad some time ago -- the two main characters go over to someone's house for dinner and it's an awesome meal and the hostess looks lovely.  The woman says something like, "oh, this?  It's nothing.  I just worked all day, came home and put down my lawyer briefcase and threw this together." 

That was me on Friday.  Superwoman. 

I got up early and ran the 10k "mountain" loop with my friends at a pace that I was proud of -- about 30 seconds per mile slower than my goal marathon pace.  Star athlete.  Superwoman element 1. 

I came home and took a shower -- not alone.  Wink.  Sexy wife.  Superwoman element 2.

I went downstairs and started working around 7 a.m., and didn't stop.  I have to track my time for work (most lawyers in law firms are used to this, but I work for a company so it's kind of unusual that I have to track time).  We don't have minimum hours or anything like that, but my goal is usually to account for 8 hours per weekday.  Well, on Friday, I sat down and promptly worked for 12.3 hours.  Power lawyer.  Superwoman element 3.

Just after 7, I got up to whip together dinner just for the two of us, nothing complicated, just heating up stuff from the fridge, but a delicious and nutritious dinner.  Personal chef.  Superwoman element 4.

Then I finished making a cake for hubby's best friend's wife's 44th birthday that night.  I'd baked the layers earlier in the day, so all I had to do was the filling, the frosting, and the assembly.  Easy enough.  Fantastic baker.  Superwoman element 5.

Topping the third layer of cake, it was a total of four layers: 

Finished product:

And then we drove to their house for a little birthday party for her, where we stayed far later than we've been out in recent memory.  Drinking, eating cake, laughing with friends.  Social butterfly.  Superwoman element 6.

The cake was too tall for the dome to fit over it, so I just held it securely on the floor while we drove to their house: 

How about that?!   A total superwoman kind of day.  I was kind of in awe of it myself.  The keys really were getting TONS of work done and making a cake from scratch.  Without those, it could have just been any given day. 

Instead of being able to share the actual American Dad quote that I was thinking of, this has always been a favorite:

Friday was the closest I've been in ages to being not in the "pick any two" category. 


  1. I love whipping up a fantastic meal and have the house perfect when I host. I make sure I'm put together and not a hair out of place too. No one has to know that just 5 minutes before they stepped in the door I was running around the house making sure everything was perfect.

    The cake looks fab :D

  2. What a fun post! I'm exhausted just reading about your day. I love Superwoman element #2! ;)

  3. Thanks for linking back to that ... amazing day and I totally swooned with all the sexy talk! haha :)