Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Vera travel collection

I feel like I could be a walking billboard for Vera Bradley when I have to travel for work, as I do this week.  Actually, pretty much I feel like I could be a walking billboard for Vera Bradley when I travel for pleasure too (though sometimes I'll take a rolling suitcase, and I don't have a Vera rolling suitcase (at least not at this point)). 

My total Vera Bradley travel collection for this trip:  my newest piece at the top (a brown overnight bag), my brown laptop bag, my brown purse, my brown wallet, my brown print wristlet (not even sure why I carry my purse anymore, this is usually all I need), my purple print liquids case, and my blue print makeup bag.  I guess also pictured are my other traveling essentials -- an apple, grapes, and my water bottle. 

I think for my trip next week, I'll actually have to take my rolling suitcase instead of the overnight bag, since after I'm done working in Philly, I'm going to head down to DC for the Fourth of July with friends and a possible road trip to Charlottesville to see other friends. 

Here's hoping for smooth travel and massive victory at the case that is all teed up in Philly! 


  1. My mom is a huge fan of Vera Bradley bags before they were popular in my college years. I do love how useful their pockets are. Efficient travel is so key!

  2. I have a ton of Vera Bradley too! Stems from my college days, but I've seen tons of cute VB stuff lately! Safe travels and good luck with your case

  3. I think I've mentioned this before when you posted about a Vera Bradley purse or wallet. So many people are such VB fans, and I'd never really seen much of it, but I do like your more understated pieces. I like prints, but sometimes it's nice to have more subtle pieces.