Monday, June 10, 2013

FMM: How Do You Celebrate

My weekend was wonderful -- hubby is all drugged up from his surgery, so we spent tons of time just hanging out and watching TV yesterday, but he was okay on his own for a few hours when I left to do my long run.  Saturday was "Uptown Blueberry Festival 2013" with my local bestie and her sister.  We had a 5k, then blueberry pancakes, then a special video viewing of Cowboy Max, a craft project (shrinky dinks), ice cream, napping, and then a big blueberry themed dinner. 

Our craft project -- five participants (mine's in the upper right if you turn your head sideways, with the cowboy hat, an ice cream cone, a squirrel (eichhornchen in German), a blueberry, and what was supposed to be a picture of blueberry pancakes):

Our blueberry pancakes breakfast prepared by my local bestie, with bacon and veg sausage, and eggs as supplements to the pancakes: 

Bestie's sister's boyfriend, sister and niece, all eating ice cream, and her sister is wearing the blueberry shirts we made for last year's craft project: 

The blueberry dinner I made (mushrooms, tofu topped with blueberry compote, and blueberry risotto):

Salad (avocado, mango, onion and blueberry): 

And dessert, blueberry icebox pie: 
So now it's Monday, but I'm staying home and working from here today since hubby is still drugged up and I don't want him to be by himself.
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How Do You Celebrate?
1. When is your birthday?  End of August, it was actually on my very first day of law school, and I was paranoid I'd be cold-called because of my birthday, but Virginia isn't a big cold-calling school fortunately!

2. Do you like to celebrate it or do you prefer to keep it quiet?  Half-and-half.  I'd be content if no one at work knew (usually they hang up a banner outside your office and you get a bunch of birthday emails).  But growing up, we always got to pick what was on the menu for dinner (I always chose steak (yes, pre-vegetarian, I LOVED steak!), peas, and macaroni and cheese and/or baked potatoes).  And I always picked lemon pound cake for dessert.  Now, usually we go out for dinner (I usually pick a taco place or pizza place in our neighborhood), or occasionally hubby brings in dinner from our neighborhood tapas place, and then he usually brings me a single Sprinkles cupcake for dessert.  One time he had a special no-nut carrot cake made at the bakery next door to our place -- that was my favorite and we shared it that night with about 10 people with whom we had dinner. 

3. Have you ever had a surprise party? No, but it would be fun.  But I'm a planner, so it would be tough for hubby to pull it off.  Maybe for my 40th?

4. What sign are you? Does it represent you well?  My sign is Virgo and from what I know about it, organized, clean, demanding, picky, focused, it's pretty accurate!  

5. Do you tell the truth about your age? Yes, as a runner, it's hard to keep it a secret!  I'm 37 and that shows up in my age group results pretty much every weekend.  It's odd, because I think of 37 as being pretty old, but I don't feel old and I'm very content with my age -- having an older husband helps, I'll always be a baby to him! 

6. Share your best birthday memory.   My 30th was a lot of fun.  Hubby and I had just started dating (we'd move in togther a few weeks after my bday) but he was out of town.  I went out to dinner at this fabulous restaurant called Abacus on the block where we live with about 12 of my closest friends.  We had the chef's table and we ate and drank the night away.  It was so much fun! 
Hard to say if that's my best birthday memory, but definitely a fun one.

7. Share a few item that could be on your birthday wishlist.   I just posted my entire current wishlist a few weeks ago here.  Since then, I bought (and used) the Tofu Xpress, but I'd love to get any or all of the other items on the list.  Particularly the garment bag, the bike, the Vitamix, and the floormats.  I also have a beautiful loose sapphire that I bought in Thailand that I'd love to have set into a necklace, and I'd love to have my charm bracelets done and supplemented. 

8. What is your favorite kind of cake?  Very tough question.  I'm not too picky about cake except I don't eat nuts and I don't love chocolate cake.  But white cake, fruit flavored cakes, etc. all good.  As I said, I think my long-time fave is lemon pound cake, and my current fave is really good nut-free carrot cake. 

9. If you could be anywhere on your next birthday, where would you be?  Well, as with any given day, I'd say in Calabria, Italy!  Really looking forward to going there after the marathon.  I think we'll get there on about Oct. 4. 

10. Do you make a wish when you blow out the candles?  Always.  I suspect there's a good chance this year's wish will relate to the marathon in Berlin about a month after my bday! 

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions! Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments! Happy Monday, friends!


  1. My birthday is late August, too! I'm going to be afraid to go to work this year, since my boss & co-worker discovered I am turning 40, so they're going to gang up on me, I know it!

    Can't wait to hear about your Europe trip!

    Hi from FMM !

  2. As you pointed out, we do have a few very similar answers. I loved being able to pick out the restaurant/dinner food on my birthday as a kid. It definitely made me feel special!