Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back to Work

My husband had surgery on Thursday morning and today, Wednesday, is going to be my first day going back to the office since.  He was in a lot of pain until yesterday.  Yesterday morning he took Tylenol instead of pain meds, but by lunch time, he was hurting and was back on pain meds.  I've been reluctant to leave him home alone while on the meds.  We have two flights of stairs and while he's not drunk loopy on the meds, part of me worries so much that he'll fall or something.  His follow-up procedure to remove the stints is set for Monday, but that should involve less blood/bandaging and less pain hopefully.  He's set to go back to work at the end of next week.  He's been going a little stir-crazy.  Lots of tv and lots of napping.  So I think he'll try hard to stay on just Tylenol today so that he'll be able to drive if he wants to go anywhere.

One bonus of his time at home -- we have booked almost all our hotels for our trip in the fall.  We prepaid a room in Berlin for 4 nights.  We booked a room in Venice at a hotel that looks amazing.  And we booked a room for our one night in Amsterdam to break up the trip home and give us a direct flight.  When we're in Lamezia Terme, Italy (Nicastro), we'll stay with hubby's family.  And when we're in Munich for Oktoberfest, we'll hopefully stay with a friend of mine from high school, but we need to book a back-up hotel just in case. 

Anyway, I'm ready to get back to work.  I can do a lot of my job from home, but for the cases where I have to confer with my boss, I much prefer to do that in person, so I've saved all those matters for today. 

It's going to be busy, but it will be nice to be back into a routine.  Thus far, I haven't left hubby alone at all except when I've gone to run or to boot camp, so I have a feeling I'm going to feel a need to check in quite frequently, but hopefully he's turned a corner. 

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