Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Moments

On Tuesday night for unknown reasons, as I was getting ready for bed, my husband brushed my hair for me.  This is one of my favorite things in the world.  Actually, don't tell him this, but having pretty much anyone brush my hair is one of my favorite things in the world.  Very few people do that of course, mostly just my mom, my hairdresser, and my husband, but ahhh, I love it. 

I decided it was my favorite moment of the day.  And then I decided to try to recount my other favorite moments of the day, in order.  I'm sure it was more fun for me to make the list than it was for him to hear it, but oh well. 

I'm going to try to remember them now and then look back at this list if I need a boost.

June 18, 2013, happy moments.  Just a random day. 

1.  Having hubby brush my hair after I took out the ponytail before bed.

2.  The first bite of tofu for lunch at Seasons 52 with work friends and a visiting attorney.  It had a mango chutney on it and it was so good, and more importantly, so much better than I expected. 

3.  Getting a PR by 1.5 inches in the long jump at the track meet.

4.  Hearing my name being called during the first event in which I competed at the track meet (the 1500 meter race) and recognizing the voice and realizing that unexpectedly a very good running buddy (who has since ditched me to run his sub-3:00 marathons) was there cheering for me.

5.  Getting a PR in the 800 meter race (still not a fast overall time, but this is not a good distance for me). 

6.  Having two people to run with on the way to the track meet after work -- my accounting buddy (who set a new personal distance record for non-stop running of 1.2 miles) and one of my longest time friends in Dallas, who was coming to compete in her first track meet and met us at her house along the way. 

7.  Having a piece of blueberry icebox pie that had been in the freezer for dessert around 9:00 on Tuesday night.  When I made the pie and it was clear the 5 of us wouldn't finish it, my local bestie suggested I freeze a few individual pieces for "hot summer night" treats.  And after a track meet, it was absolutely perfect. 

8.  An unexpectedly easy morning run since the group run, which was scheduled to be tough, was cancelled for lightning in the area, so it was a solo short and easy run, and some nap time at home before getting ready for work.  It was almost like finding out about a snow day when I was a kid.  Except I was all dressed and ready to go before I realized it was cancelled. 

9.  Feeling like I finally made a dent in the huge list of files I need to review before our twice-a-year audit at work next week.  As of Monday, I hadn't even scratched the surface, but by Tuesday evening, I felt like I'd made progress. 

10.  Hubby went for a run.  That was great news to me because it meant he felt sufficiently recovered from his surgery 10 days ago, and the second procedure the day before to remove the stints.  It meant he was not on pain meds, which meant I could go to the office rather than attempting to work from home. 

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