Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What Not to Wear

Observed at the airport:

Seriously?  I don't think bare midriffs are appropriate at an airport.  At a club, at the beach, especially as beautiful as she is, it would be fine, but that outfit for a plane just made me wonder what the thought process was.  "This would be perfect in the event we need to use an emergency slide; the 4 inch heels are very practical for walking through terminals; my stomach doesn't need to be covered just because I'm on a plane." 
Sounds horribly judgy and I hate myself for writing this post. 
I am in my late 30s but I remember when people dressed up to fly.  And I also understand the opposite theory -- wearing essentially pajamas or sweats on an international flight so you're comfortable.  But in no way does the outfit above strike me as a logical or reasonable selection. 
While I'm on the subject of clothing choices with which I do not agree, can I mention that my secretary wore a see through chiffon shirt to work with a black bra a few months ago?  Setting aside that it was very ill-fitting (and she is overweight), and setting aside that she is over the age of 60, it just wasn't appropriate for an office.  Someone with a model's body at age 22 shouldn't be wearing a chiffon shirt in an office environment.  Seeing my secretary in it made me feel a bit like hurling. 
Ugh.  It just sometimes seems like common sense isn't as common as I usually assume. 
I think I'm in a pissy mood today.  Sorry.  No idea why such a judgmental side is showing.


  1. I don't like the bare midriff trend in fashion. I hated it in the 80s and I think it's bad now, except at the beach, like you said. Don't feel bad about the post, we all have a bit of Fashion Police in us that's dying to get out sometimes.

  2. Bare midriffs are unnecessary except when swimming or sun bathing is involved. I have been a bit resentful of the high boots trend. I can't wear them because I have apparently enormous calves. I'm talking I don't even fit in the extra wide boots. With the popularity of the high boots I have paid more attention to the women wearing them and truthfully not everyone should be wearing them. Just because something is fashionable doesn't mean we all need to take part. Skinny jeans is another perfect example. For a curvy girl like myself skinny jeans make no sense.

    1. For me, it was capri pants. As cute as they might have been, they cut off at the fattest part of my calf and looked awful -- I actually thought they looked bad on a vast majority of people who wore them, but oh well...