Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chinese Vacation Resurgence

Two very funny things have happened in the last two days. 

An email from a friend yesterday saying, "We got your post card from China today."

And on Sunday, a phone call from my mom asking me to guess what they got in the mail on Saturday.

Yes, more than five months after we left China, some postcards we sent are now being delivered.   And these were post cards, so it should have been pretty easy to see that there was no contraband included or anything. Mind-boggling.

Wow!  When we were in Zhujiajiao, we stopped into this postal museum that was showing how the Chinese post started during the Qing dynasty, and going on and on about it.  Way more information than we wanted to soak up toward the end of our trip, about a topic that wasn't particularly intriguing, but my take-away impression from the museum was that the Chinese knew what they were doing when it comes to mail.

Apparently not.  Haha. 

Well, at least my friend and my mom knew that we were thinking of them back in October when we wrote. 

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