Thursday, April 4, 2013

Short Update

We don't know much, but what we do know is good.  And I'm still in Dallas, per my parents.  My grandpa seems to be doing okay.  They said they won't know much for a few more days because there is some swelling in the brain that usually remains for about 6 days.  Then they'll be able to assess more. 

This is all so new to me, which is good in some ways (bad in others, it means my other grandparents didn't suffer strokes, but it also meant they were gone sooner). 

So apparently there is a lesion on his brain that confirms he had a stroke, but it's in the white matter, which is a good place for it to be.

My grandpa has a temporary feeding tube, but was able to talk, though not very clearly.  Both of his legs are working, but he's been having some trouble with his right arm and hand.

They were considering blood thinners, but he already bruises easily, so now it sounds like he's just going to take aspirin every day. 

His mind is crystal clear -- he is at the VA hospital and at admission, he knew his military ID number from WWII, the date he joined the Navy, his date of discharge, all of it, despite the fact it was about 65 years ago.

His sense of humor is intact and the doctors are very optimistic.  I asked my parents what they thought I should do, and they said to still plan to come home this summer, but that there was no need to do it now.  I'm still kind of thinking about it, maybe just flying up tomorrow afternoon for the weekend -- that way I don't blow any deadlines at work, but I'd still get to spend some time with him now. 

Either way, big sigh of relief. 


  1. Glad to hear things seem to be stable and good!

    1. Thanks -- your comment is why I'm strongly considering a flight tomorrow. You're right, would I regret not going since I have the opportunity (particularly on the weekend since I won't be dropping the ball at work)? I'm kind of waiting to see what my folks say, but life is short, and I want to make sure I get more time with him.