Monday, April 22, 2013

FMM: Inside My Head

My weekend is best forgotten. 

I was in Philly for work last week, I flew home Friday night, and I fly back today (Monday).  So it was questionable whether it was worth coming home for the weekend in the first place.  But hubby didn't have much vacation time that is unclaimed this year, and we wouldn't want to spend the weekend apart, so home I flew.

I had a very funny experience at dinner on Thursday night in Philadelphia.  I'll have to post about that later.  And on Friday, we ended up with a great result (defense verdict!, I hugged our lawyer I was so happy!).  After we got the result, our attorney there offered to drive me to the airport.  And since I also retained her for the case that we have going to mediation next week, she knew I'd be flying back soon, so she offered to take me on a leisurely drive to the airport to show me where to run next week.  Then we headed to the airport, and I got some work done before and during my flight.  Got home eventually around 10:30 p.m. and wasn't feeling great.

By Saturday morning around 3 a.m., I became pretty certain I was going to die.  It had to be food poisoning but I still have no idea what could have caused it.  I've only had food poisoning twice in my entire life -- once in October in China, and then this past weekend.  Oh, it was horrid.  I spent the entire day Saturday on the bathroom floor, with the exception of about three separate 20 minute increments during which I'd dragged myself back to bed.  Hubby was working and kept texting me to see if he should come home, if I needed to go to a hospital, or what.  I couldn't even keep down water.  But somehow, by about 5 p.m., it had blown over.  I was still out of it and laying on the bathroom floor, freezing, when he came home around 6.  I actually thought I was paralyzed.  It's hard to describe, but I'd been thinking about trying to move my legs so I could get up and go to bed (I was so cold!), but my legs wouldn't move so I had it in my head that I was paralyzed.  He lifted me to my feet and I was actually surprised to realize I wasn't paralyzed.  So I went to bed and slept without incident for about 12 more hours.  Insane.

Sunday morning (I must have been delirious), I went to meet my friends to run.  Taking in 0 calories on Saturday and actually purging probably all of Friday's calories, I knew it wasn't going to be good.  But we had easy miles on the schedule, and I knew there would be a slower group I could hang with.  I considered cutting it short, but it just felt so good to be moving, that I ended up doing the whole run and just feeling pretty worn out.  I napped most of the day yesterday.

And now I'm getting my stuff together to head back to the airport -- I'm super-nervous about today's flight for two reasons.  First, I'm flying with my boss and the last trip with him was a DISASTER.  But that should be okay today.  More concerning, however, is second, there is an air traffic control furlough issue, and they're predicting delays.  So far, 14 flights delayed and 2 cancelled out of DFW.  While I'm hesitant to be excited about any food at this point in my life, tonight we have reservations at 10 Arts in the Ritz in Philly, and I've been dying to try that place for a while.  So if we're significantly delayed, I might miss it. 

Anyway, since it's Monday, here's my Friend Making Monday post!

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Inside My Head
I like… running fast enough in a race to set a personal record.
I don’t like… having my laptop battery die during a flight. 
I love…my sweet husband.  It took a lot to deal with unshowered and immobile me this weekend, but he did it, and he even did it lovingly and sweetly -- he's so much better than me.
I dream of… running the marathon of my life in Berlin this September.
I wonder… what is going to happen at our mediation in Philly this week; it's one of my three biggest cases (out of over 100).
I know… I'm going to have trouble getting in my scheduled run tomorrow morning while out of town.  No idea where to find a track, probably not enough motivation to do it on the streets, so my run may be a treadmill attempt, or an easy run on the streets.
I went…to an all vegetarian trendy restaurant in Philly for dinner one night last week (Vedge, check out that menu!).
I think… I need to wear something dressier than I'd like to fly today, given our dinner plans and my boss being on the same flight.  Ugh.  Jeans, a t-shirt and running shoes would be nice...
I plan… to get more on top of my case load at work next week.
I regret… eating whatever it was that almost killed me over the weekend.
I do… yoga when there's time, but lately it hasn't fit into my schedule well (i.e., I haven't made it a priority).  I miss it. 
I drink… way more water on a daily basis than anyone I've ever met (I'm frequently over 300 oz.).
I wish… I could maintain the weight loss induced by this weekend!  That's the silver lining to food poisoning, a number I haven't seen on the scale in I don't know how long.
I am… sad that my speed training class is ending this week and I'll have to train without a coach for a month until marathon training starts.
I am not… ready to race a 5k next weekend, which is on my schedule.
I need… about one week with no emails, phone calls, or distractions to get completely caught up at work.  Maybe even more than a week.  I hate being so far behind. 
I hope… that I can get home to Dallas early in the week and then not have to travel again for work for a while.  Twice in two weeks is more than I like. 
I want… to bring a big salad from Eatzi's to the airport.  That should be safe to eat, but I'd have to leave for the airport about half an hour early to make that happen. 
I sometimes… think I want to use vacation days for a staycation to just hang out at home.  But then I realize that I love going on real trips too much and I'd rather use my vacation days for that.  I guess the best solution would be to have 8 weeks of vacation or something so I could do both to my heart's content! 
I always… have about 1,000 things on my to-do list.  Sending emails to reach out to old friends, projects around the house, things that need to be done for work, plans to be made for the future.  I can't imagine ever being done with it all. 
I can… run faster than I ever thought I would when I first started. 
I cannot… remember where I parked at the airport 95% of the time, so now I always take a picture on my cell phone. 
I avoid… voicemail as much as I can.  I suck at leaving messages and I absolutely hate checking my messages. 
I will… get more organized after this work trip is over. 

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  1. I' m so sorry to hear that you had food poisoning - how awful!

    I loved reading your answers to these, especially about the staycation vs. real vacation. I have to admit, having 8 weeks off every summer is really a blessing that I sometimes take for granted.