Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Construction Incentives

Since we moved to our new office space and I started my running commute in November, there has been construction on the SMU campus, which I run through. 

Initially, I had to run about 5 seconds out of my way to get around the construction.  Then the intersection opened and I could run straight through, but one side of the street was closed.  Then more recently, the other side of the street was closed.

Through all these months of construction, I've never had to alter my route significantly (i.e. changing it by any more than a tenth of a mile).  And no one has ever complained or said anything about my running through a construction zone.  Obviously I'd never run where it seemed unsafe, but usually the active work zone was fenced off, and I could run safely outside the fence. 

Well, last week, with the dedication of the new presidential library happening, I guess they had a real incentive to wrap things up.  Nothing like having 5 presidents come to town to get you to meet your deadline. 

Today, for the first time ever, there was no campus construction on my commute.  There's still one other stretch about a mile away that is a couple blocks of construction, and today, that work zone moved one block south, I think they're tearing up the street and repaving it one block at a time. 

I guess it's commentary on my life that a lack of construction becomes blog-worthy.  Oh well.  Things are just clicking along otherwise.  Busy at work, happy at home, feeling great all-around. 

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