Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Return to Bikram Yoga week 4

Oops, just saw this in my drafts folder, having been written on 8-22 but somehow never published.  The notes are mostly so that I'll remember what it was like if I ever go for another 30 day challenge.  I just started back to yoga again last week after a nice little 2 week break.  I'll finish up this month in early October, and then we'll be in China for almost 3 weeks, and then in Milwaukee for a wedding for 4 days.  And then it will be time to go to San Antonio for that marathon! 

Weeks are just slipping by now...

But this is probably the last of these posts for a little while.  See below. 

Wed., 8-15-12, Class 22:  David, the owner of the studio, was the instructor.  I had big progress in some weird postures tonight.  Biggest strides were actually in half-moon, which is right at the beginning of class.  I have no idea what was in my back (or maybe some bones dissolved or something?), but I was able to lean about 100 times further back than usual.  I also felt like I made a correction in awkward pose that made it tougher and better -- so it seemed like less progress, but since my form has improved, that's actually better.  And then wind-removing pose -- suddenly my knees were getting closer to my shoulders.  All in all, quite exciting. 

Thurs., 8-16, Class 23:  Karen, who is married to David and also the owner of the studio was the instructor.  I think she's my favorite.  I feel like she makes eye contact with everyone in the room and seems to attempt to give a bit of personal guidance to almost every single student on at least one posture.  For me, during standing bow pulling pose, I was focused dead ahead on my eyes in the mirror.  She told me to relax my face and relax my gaze.  It was kind of funny.  I forgot my towel today, so I used a rental and it was soaking at the end.  But I had two bottles of water, which was nice!  Of course, the ice was all melted.  I was also having some foot pain -- very ironic Bella.  Thankfully I'm fairly certain it's not broken or sprained or strained. 

Fri., 8-17, Class 24:  Gina from NY was the instructor again (the weight loss one).  It was a fairly small class since I went at lunch time, and I think it was my worst class yet.  I ended up having a work call at 11:45 that I took in the parking lot of the studio.  Before class at noon.  Yikes.  And the call went on and on and on.  I know from one other miserable experience that if they finish the opening breathing sequence, our studio won't let you in.  Finally the call ended and I ran to the studio as fast as I could (across the parking lot and up one flight of stairs).  I made it in time.  One of the staff members kindly went to put all my stuff in the locker room and I just went straight in.  I managed to do the last 5 or so breaths, and then we were into class and I was just off.  Unbalanced, out of breath, tired, thirsty, the works.  First time, I skipped some postures (but I stayed in the room, so I give myself partial credit).  I basically skipped one set of each of two postures in the spine-strengthening series (the last two postures).  I just wanted to chug my water.  My mind was the opposite of quiet -- thinking about the call, work, the afternoon, everything.  I kept having to take gulps of air to breathe.  I felt like I was going to pass out in between sets of toe stand.  Not a great class for me.  Oh well.  Break coming in just two days.

Sat., 8-18, Class 25:  Andrew was the instructor again, and it wasn't very remarkable.  He's such a happy instructor that it was the most enjoyable class I've had in a long time.  I did all the postures, I drink tons of water, especially once we were on the floor, I kept slipping and grabbing the bottle to drink more, but it felt pretty great.  Can't believe I'm about to break the streak. 

Sun., 8-19:  NO CLASS!  Studio was closed for staff appreciation day.  I've been thinking about a day off from yoga basically for the last 2 weeks, and when I heard this was happening, I decided I'd try to refrain from taking a day off until the day there were no classes.  Long run of 18 miles today though and I tried to be very good about stretching afterward.  But wow, I did 25 days in a row!  I'm kind of excited about that and proud of myself. 

Mon., 8-20, Class 26: Karen, one of the owners, was the instructor. Felt way out of shape after the day off. I felt fat and bloated. My legs in eagle posture felt like sausages. My wrists and ankles felt swollen and sore during standing bow-pulling and fixed-firm. And I drank ally water but the last little sip during class. But it was still enjoyable. She called me out as going well in half-moon and gave me advice about lining up my hips in standing bow-pulling.

Tues., 8-21, Class 27:  Tom from Oregon was the instructor and this may have been my break-through class.  I still felt kind of fat and bloated.  Sausage-legs in eagle.  Off balance a bit.  But progress in getting my forehead to the floor, which was nice.  But the big break-through for me was the water.  When we had our first two water breaks while we were standing, I took only the tiniest sip each time.  I didn't need it.  And the rest of the class just flew by.  I realized we were done with both sets of camel and I looked at my bottle and it was still above the halfway mark.  Wow!  Finally.  Breaking the water bottle crutch, at least for one day.  So it's kind of fitting that I paid up for another month tonight!  Yep, that was the big decision.  I'm going to take a couple weeks off (will go to class tomorrow but then will be out of town in Oregon for the race, then my best friend is visiting).  But I think I'll try to go from about Sept. 5 to about Oct. 5.  I do not plan on going 7 days per week again.  I think I'll probably try to do something like Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun most weeks.  I'd get to see my sweet hubby more and have a bit more of a life.  But I like doing it so much, I like losing the water weight, I like feeling more flexible and less bloated, and I want all those benefits leading up to the Beijing marathon (you know, if they have it while I'm there.... argh). 

Wed., 8-22, Class 28:  Tom from Oregon again.  Sausage-legs seem to be going away.  But I kind of tried to take it easy tonight so that my legs are strong for the running this weekend.  Short notes, I'm exhausted. 

And that is it for my first month back to Bikram since the end of January.  My month ends on Saturday, but I fly to Portland today and won't be back until Sunday, then it's a big week with my birthday and my best friend coming into town for 5 days.  I will probably start back up after Labor Day. 

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