Monday, September 10, 2012

FMM: Have You Ever

So, I've made no secret of the fact that this past week was miserable.  I have probably cried more tears in the last week than in the last year combined.  On some level, I realize how lucky that means I am -- there hasn't been a single death that has touched me personally since my local bestie's younger sister passed away last year in October.  Yes, very lucky that life in general is good and happy.  But this week, not so much. 

On top of that, I feel like I didn't even have a weekend.  Lots of stuff to do both days.  Yesterday, for example, I got up at 4:45, went running at 5:30, ran 20 miles (given that the Beijing marathon was cancelled this week and I don't see how I'll be able to keep training while we're in China, for what will now be solely a vacation, I have no idea why I bothered to run 20 miles...), stretched with friends for a little while, went to a gas station to buy ice, came home to take an ice bath and then a shower, threw in a load of laundry, went to meet hubby for lunch, went from lunch straight to a friend's house to pick up his TV (which we were buying because ours is old and he's moving in with his fiancee), slight delay at his house to play a game with his daughter (age 5, we played "memory"), drove home and brought the tv inside (all by myself), put laundry in the dryer, had a Chinese lesson (thankfully, my tutor came to my house, so I was able to run upstairs twice to "grab a book" and really hang up my line-dry laundry), went to yoga, then came home to fold laundry, then it was time for dinner, and I fell asleep on the couch as soon as we were done eating and trying to watch a little tv.  I seriously felt like I had less than 30 seconds of "chill" time yesterday.  Not my idea of a weekend!  But I guess no one made me do any of it, so there's no one to blame but myself. 

Now that it's Monday, time for Friend-Making Monday. 

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Have You Ever?

1. Jumped out of an airplane? No, but I would if given the opportunity and I was able to talk myself into it.

2. Lived alone? Yes, from about age 25 until about age 30. 

3. Met a celebrity? Yes, but nothing is coming to mind right now.  But I'm sure I have.  Haha, I ran with Dean Karnazes earlier this year.  Does that count? 

4. Said something to someone that you immediately regret saying? Yes.

5. Had a manicure/pedicure? Yes.  I almost never get professional manicures -- I did before my wedding and I've done it a few other times, but I get pedicures pretty often. 

6. Gotten a hickey?  Probably ... not in the mood right now to try to remember my college days, and don't think it's happened since I grew up.  Hubby is dreadfully adult about things like hickeys. 

7. Owned a pet that was not a dog or a cat? No (nor have I owned a dog or cat; allergies). 

8. Been outside of your home country?  Pretty much at least once a year!  Hubby and I make all kinds of lifestyle choices to reflect that we love to travel -- choices about how we spend our money and our vacation days.  Next up, nearly three weeks in China beginning in less than 5 weeks! 

9. Kissed your best friend?  Every day! 

10. Eaten food that fell on the floor?  Matt Lauer discussed this on the Today Show once -- yes I have, and whether or not I will depends first on the floor.  Assuming it's a clean non-public floor, such as my kitchen, then the next question is the food's moisture content.  Something wet (like an orange slice or a chunk of tofu) -- never; something dry (like a skittle or a piece of uncooked pasta) -- yes. 

11. Met someone online? Not sure I understand the question -- meaning found someone online then met in person?  No.  Unless you count one time I bought something on ebay and picked it up in person. 

12. Been on TV? Yes.  I was interviewed on MSNBC once in about 1999 or so (about Beltway politics), and then on a show called "hot on homes" in about 2001 (post-condo purchase). 

13. Had braces?  Nope! 

14. Gone skinny dipping?   Yes. 

15. Been to the opera?  Yes.  Super excited to check out the Beijing Opera next month.  It will be very different! 

16. Been caught making out by a policeman?  No, but I have been caught making out WITH a police officer! 

17. Sung in public?  Karaoke only, never singing to a crowd as in a performance.  But I suppose technically, singing happy birthday in a restaurant counts as singing in public... 

18. Handed out candy on Halloween?  Yes.  Most years lately though I go to my godson's house and then his mom and I go trick-or-treating with the kids.  Sometimes her husband stays home to hand out candy, or if my husband comes to their place with me, he stays behind to hand out candy and my friend's husband comes with us and the kids. 

19. Been snowed in?  Yes. 

20. Fallen in front of other people?  Yes, but not since July!  Funny that I posted about that when it happened in another FMM post! 

21. Cheated on a test?  Not intentionally.  Once I forgot to do my homework and I was writing the answers on my arm as they were read out loud in class (I honestly was planning to do the homework and check my answers when I got home).  But then we had a pop quiz and I had all this writing on my arm.  Fortunately the teacher saw what was going on and before the test started, she had called me out into the hall and made me go wash my arm.  Seventh grade.  Social studies.  Mrs. Drewell.  Corner classroom, walked out the door, straight down the hallway, bathrooms on my right.  I remember it like it was yesterday, not 20-plus years ago. 

22. Regretted saying “I love you” to someone?  I've said it to people other than my husband (besides my family and friends, I assume this means romantic love).  I would love to have said it to no one but my husband, but I definitely thought I was in love before and said it.  Not sure I really regret it, but it would have been cool if I hadn't. 

23. Finished a meal in a restaurant and realized that you didn’t have your wallet?  No.  My brother has an awesome "fake wallet reach" he does -- sometimes he doesn't even have a wallet!  But as far as I know, he only does that when he's out with someone he knows is paying. 

24. Shot a gun?  Not recently, and it's actually something I'm considering doing.  My husband loves shooting targets (never animals, thank God!), and I hate guns, but since they are in the house, it would be smart to have at least done it once, though obviously if disaster struck and there was an intruder in the house, I know the odds too well and I'd never grab a gun to attempt to defend myself. 

25. Heard a song that was written for (or about) you? Yes.

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions! Don’t forget to come back here and link up in the comments! Happy Monday, friends!

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  1. 3 weeks in China - awesome! That will be an experience to remember!

    LOL at being caught making out with a policeman!

    Stopping in from FMM - hi!