Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dallas Restaurant Circuit

With my bestie and her husband in town for 5 days, I think I have eaten out for every single meal since they got here.  They used to live here in Dallas, so they came to town with a long list of restaurants they missed and wanted to revisit.  I think I am going to have to add about 10 miles to my schedule every day for the next 3 weeks to work off all that I ate and drank while they were here!  And I think I'm going to get back to yoga later this week too, which should also help me feel a bit less bloated.

For breakfasts, we went to Garden Cafe and La Duni (I ate at home one day when I was working, they went downtown; and on Labor Day there was no breakfast for me as my throat was one-direction only for food, and let's just say food wasn't going down it.... ugh!).

For lunches, we went to the food trucks, Velvet Taco, and Mi Cocina (on Labor Day at lunch time, my throat was still food-upward-only, so I skipped that).  And there was Freebirds mixed in somewhere too.

For drinks and munchies, we went to Chuy's, Cru and Old Monk.

For dinners, we went to Steel, Bob's Chop House, Fireside Pies and Morton's Steak House. 

Ooh, it was all so tasty!  But even more, I had so much fun with her in town and I think going home and seeing our empty guest room is really going to bum me out tonight.

Random food photos to share (I clearly forgot to photograph some meals):

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