Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hood to Coast Van Decorations

One of the more enjoyable parts of the relay was checking out all the other vans and their decorations.  I wish I'd thought to take photos of more of them, but I did take shots of a decent number.

If I had to pick a favorite (at least from among those I photographed), I'd probably go with one of the lawyer jokes or the Princess Bride one (I think third photo below).

Themes I noticed -- lots of 12-year-old boy humor.  We love to Fartlek.  My third leg is hard.  Our third leg is harder than yours.  Chuck Norris would run 400 miles.  Where are my nipple guards?  My wife is going to take my very hard third leg.

You get the idea.  Anyway, checking out the vans was a fun way to pass the time.  Wish I'd been better about photographing my favorites. 

Princess Bride:

This one made me laugh -- pimp my airport shuttle:

Jocks in a box, as featured in the Hood to Coast movie I believe:

I just liked the protruding foot on this one:

The back half of this van was picutred above.  The D'Feeters.

I take it this means 5 male runners, 1 female?:

Less a van pic, more just a random relay exchange, but vans right along the road:

Hood to Coast virgins?  No idea...  One of the guys in our van thought we should catch up and ask but we didn't. 

Sweet!  A Texas van!  (Not ours)


  1. OMG - the "twelve buns but only 5 sausages" kills!!

    What a cool event!!

  2. I have to agree with Biz. I cracked up when I saw that. This must have been so much fun. I love the creativity.