Friday, September 21, 2012

Dinner Fail

So for our seven year "shackiversary" on Wednesday night, we planned to go to a little Italian restaurant right by our house, then for drinks to a very upscale restaurant even closer to our house. In short, we planned to do exactly what we'd done seven years ago.

I got home from work and we walked to the Italian restaurant.

Guess we don't go there often enough. We were greeted by the sign below. Bummer!

Fortunately, there are about a dozen good non-chain restaurants within about 3-4 blocks of our house, so we just walked to another little Italian place and had dinner there. It was great, and then we went for drinks at a nice restaurant with a bar that I used to frequent all too often more than seven years ago. It was fun to see some of my favorite bartenders and servers.

Guess we will have to come up with a new shackiversary tradition -- I think we might switch off between Italian restaurants in our neighborhood, or maybe we'll just always go to the one we visited this year.   

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