Friday, July 20, 2012

Weekend Plans

I don't think I usually post on Friday mornings.  My Friday routine is to wake up at 5:00, be out the door by 5:18, at boot camp at 5:30.  Work out for an hour, then come home.  If hubby worked out with me at camp, I beg him to make me breakfast.  But since he's usually off on Fridays, sometimes he'll sleep in a little and go to boot camp at 7 instead.  That's what he did today, so I was on my own for breakfast.  I made my usual smoothie and English muffin with cheese.

Then on any other Friday, I eat my breakfast standing at the kitchen counter, starting my "work from home" day.  With my job, I have a ton of cases that I manage, some that are in litigation, where we've hired an attorney in that state to defend, some are just events that we're monitoring and so far no one wants any money, and then the third type is where there's an attorney involved and I'm dealing directly with that attorney, but there's no lawsuit (at least not yet).  Well, in theory, I am supposed to touch every single active case every 30 days, and touch the inactive ones at least every 60-90 days.  I'm more comfortable touching every case every 30 days, so I use a calendar to set alerts for about a quarter of the cases each Friday. 

So that's my Friday morning routine -- I start plowing through those checks while I munch on breakfast.  Then I tackle emails, then bills from defense counsel, then sometimes random other projects.  And that fills up my day.

But today I was planning to watch the news because Gov. Christie from NJ was supposed to be on the Today Show, and I really wanted to watch that -- not sure if it will be a softball interview or if it will touch on the topics I'm interested in.  I couldn't care less about politics in general, so there's a good chance his entire interview will be irrelevant to me.  But of course there was that sad shooting in Colorado, so now I'm not sure he'll even be interviewed today.  Either way, I want to watch the news instead of starting to work. 

So figured I'd write about weekend plans:

Today I'm taking a late lunch and going to watch my godson in a performance for his preschool.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to a special shopping event thing at my fave local running store.

Tomorrow afternoon we're going to see hubby's godson and family, and maybe doing a little swimming in their pool.

Tomorrow night will be pre-long-run routine -- laying out all my stuff, making pasta with red sauce and garlic bread, going to bed early.

Sunday is my long run, 16 miles, which will hopefully be smooth sailing.

Then Sunday my neighbor is coming over and we'll spend the day cooking. 

Sunday night is book club at my house!  I don't have a headcount since I got busy and didn't have time to make an evite.  I'm guessing at least 4 people coming, maybe as many as 8-10.  I chose a book called "Orange Is the New Black."  I'm hoping maybe this weekend, between the cooking, cleaning, food prep, I'll have time to finish up my list of books/short reviews on what I read during the first half of the year, and I'll include this one.

The menu includes several things I saw on Pinterest:

Raspberry beer lemonade to drink

To start:
Creamy avocado dip (made with greek yogurt)
Cannellini garlic dip
Avocado salsa cream cheese puffs
Zucchini tots

Chickpea smash over mixed greens
Smashed potatoes
Zucchini spaghetti with creamy lemon chive dressing

Rhubarb crisp with vanilla ice cream

Should be a fun weekend, and all those should be fairly tasty as leftovers. 


  1. Oh that menu sounds so yummy! I love rhubarb crisp.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Wow, that's a really impressive menu! I hope your book club party is a blast.

    Did you end up picking up anything at the running store sale?