Sunday, July 1, 2012

Eating out

I was thinking that June might be an abnormal month for me, but I want to keep track of how often I eat (or drink) out.

I feel like in a normal week, I eat out about once.  But I've complained a few times about how crazy my June schedule has been, and yikes, it shows. 

I do not know how I managed to avoid gaining a ton of weight this month! 

June 2 to the bar where we had drinks 7 years earlier on our first "date"
June 6 at the Mexican restaurant on our block for National Running Day
June 8 at Dairy Queen while driving to Nacogdoches
June 8 in Nacogdoches at the hotel restaurant while out of town
June 9 in Nacogdoches blueberry pancakes for breakfast, ice cream at blueberry festival
June 9 in Nacogdoches at a Mexican restaurant for lunch
June 10 at Sweet Tomatoes, a big salad buffet place, with my godson and his family
June 11 at my fave restaurant in Dallas, a tapas place, for our homeowner's association meeting
June 14 at Sonic while driving to Fort Worth for my uncle's horse show
June 18 at a sports bar to support our trainer's network television debut on American Ninja Warrior
June 20 at a sports bar after the social run
June 21 possibly, can't remember...
June 24 at my local bestie's house for book club
June 27 at a sports bar type place before the Rangers game with a bunch of people from work (during our audit)
June 28 blue cheese fries (filling enough I didn't want anything else) at a bar for a law school alumni happy hour
June 29 at PF Chang's on a split second decision on the day my car broke down and one of hubby's best friends and his wife were kid-free for the night and at the mall near our house, so we went to meet them
June 30 at a sports bar for a running friend's birthday
July 1 (today) at a restaurant for brunch after our long run with a whole bunch of my running buddies

So July is going to be different.  It has to be.  The first week will be abnormal, because we'll be in Pittsburgh visiting the in-laws for a little mini-vacation. 

Maybe in mid-July I'll start up with Bikram yoga again -- that keeps me from making other evening plans and will be much healthier for me than all of this going out.

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  1. I've had months like this, and you're right, it's hard not to gain a lot of weight when you're eating out so often. Good luck with your July goals!